Work out with Rafa

This is especially nice for people who have a thing for calves…like me. :)

And no way I could do that balance thing. I fall off the Wii fit!

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  1. skyejaden says:

    My abs hurt just watching how easily he does all of those core exercises. He makes it look so effortless, yet it hurts just watching. lol

    …the calves, the calves! This really ups my day. :D

  2. CC says:

    Isn’t it criminal to post these kind of clips? Makes me blush… (: This to me is so much more than Rafa showing his fitness routine… OMG!

    • Debbie says:

      Thinking the same thing CC! The strength, the moves…..oy!

    • Nada H. T says:

      Yessss, I totally agree

      This is anything but a routine

      my heart beats so hard that I felt blood rushing to my ears

      It’s not the socks only..

      Even the Gloves .. his magical hands and fingers lokkk more

      wow in those gloves

      • CC says:

        Don’t even get me started on the hands…

        And the view of those calves when he stands on his tiptoes on that machine is…stunning, to say the least!

        • miri says:

          What was that machine he was on? I mean, I know it’s trying to throw off his balance and he has to maintain it, but what is it? I kept trying to read the writing on it, but couldn’t get all of it.

          Rafa didn’t seem to like the one where he had to stand on one foot – the guy had to count the time down for him until he was done.

          • kefuoe says:

            I’m thinking it’s something like this:

            That is to say, it’s a great big vibrator.

            • kefuoe says:

              Which is interesting because, like that SI article was saying, Rafa’s training program is a sophisticated enterprise.

          • Josh says:

            Its called the “Power Plate”,

            Essentially it is just a giant vibrator and you perform different positions on it to exercise muscles, like you can Warm-Up, Exercise and Cool-Down just on the one machine.

            They got one at my gym.

            • miri says:

              Cool – thanks.

            • tiemyshoe says:

              Interesting! Have you ever tried it, Josh? It’s kinda hilarious how it looks like part of his workout just looks like he … stands on top of things.

              Actually, this whole vid was so informative. He really works very specifically on discreet areas, rather than going out running for hours.

              • miri says:

                It’s kinda hilarious how it looks like part of his workout just looks like he … stands on top of things.

                I know! For a second, it reminded me of the old equipment they had the “ladies” gyms that mainly involved you standing/sitting/laying on something while it did the work for you. (Yes, I’m that old.)

              • johanne says:

                The standing kinda continues to confuse me! That machine looks cah-razy. I don’t get it! :)

                • CC says:

                  Ah, thanks for explanation Josh and others, I did’t know what that was either. I’m not a big gym fan, prefer to do my workout on the tennis court, no? (Eh, not really.)

  3. CC says:

    And it’s official, he is the best looking man ever! Just look at the last 17 seconds…

    • nic says:

      I know!! When Rafa looks into the camera at the end, all fresh from his workout, it’s like ooo sizzle. He’s all aglow and so gorgeous. His olive skin is like even more bronzed than ever. Oh gosh, this is bad *fans self*

  4. kefuoe says:


    Trainer dude has a mad scientist air about him. Certainly he has created a fabulous “monster”!

  5. johanne says:

    Rafa’s body is insane. And he totally just does what he’s told. Oye.

    Also, love that there’s a framed pic of him lying on the clay, after winning his first RG. Too cute. :)

    • nic says:

      This is so definitely Rafa’s home isn’t it? The whole gym setup, and those framed pics of him on the wall are a dead giveaway. I loooove the Nike one of him in that really skin tight gear, and the attitude of that pic. It’s like, is that all ya got?? So funny when he’s doing stuff on that machine and staring straight into his own image on the wall. Maybe Rafa can admire his own beauty :) while working out, major inspiration!

  6. CC says:

    Hell, even his sock feet are sexy!

    (Is this my third comment already? This doesn’t bode well…)

    • nic says:

      I was so gonna say, isn’t Rafa in those socks the cutest thing. And sexy at the same time. Omg this whole video is too gratuitous. So much upclose Rafa in all sorts of positions. Yowza! Did someone turn up the heat in here again??!!

  7. Josh says:

    Can you imagine Roger Federer doing these exercises…I couldn’t

  8. An says:


    This is hard work. Aaaauuuww i feel Rafa’s pain.
    But the way he looks in the end makes up for all the pain he ever could make me feel:)

  9. June says:

    Well, if anyone sees this, it most definitely should put be an end to those nasty rumors re: Rafa’s steroid use (which we all know he never used). If you work out like this, then you’re bound to look like that. My son who is 21, plays college soccer & has abs to kill for, along w/calf muscles, etc. I think boys/men at that age who work out 2-3 hours a day certainly do have more muscle on them after that kind of stenuous workout & eating a whole lot of protein.

  10. faecoleman says:

    Wow I loved that bit when he was standing on his toes, lovely calf muscles, those exercise balls are great, they really intensify your workout, I wonder how long he really works out for? how much cardio etc.. I read somewhere that he has the lungs of a marathon runner, and the acceleration speed of a sprinter, perfect athelete is our Rafa.. really enjoy watching these clips, I ran it through twice, so nice, thanx for info about that strange machine, have seen them but never used one, fascinating to watch Rafa on one of these…

  11. CC says:

    So, can’t wait for part three of work out. Will that be “Freshly showered Rafa, wrapped in small (and stolen) AO towel, shows us his trophy collection”. I wonder…
    *taps foot*