What a cutie!

Posted by merikob.

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  1. johanne says:

    Omigod his voice! And his hair! Hahahaha I love it.

    I wonder if his opponent still plays competitive tennis. Like if he’s on the tour.

    • Mero says:

      the opponents name was Julien Gely, French. According to ATP his highest ranking was #707 in August 2006

  2. CC says:

    Love it how he says “es importante, pero relativamente…” Sounds so grown up.

  3. Roberta Bernardes says:

    Fantastic!!! It’s a great memory!!

    Post more… We love to know you better! ;)


    Ps: When will you come to Brazil??

  4. sG says:

    He’s such a little kid, LOL!

  5. niki says:

    Best video ever. I seriously can’t get enough of young Rafa. Wait. That sounds dirty. You know what I mean. So freakin’ cute!

  6. faecoleman says:

    Awh baby Rafa, at the tender age of 13 and soo mature, he’s been used to this interview lark for how long? want to cuddle him, sweetness!