Roland Garros preview

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  1. faecoleman says:

    What a great preview, I think they also call it ‘Rafa time’ on Eurosports channel. Lets hope it stays that way!!! Go Nadal! All the way!!!

  2. kefuoe says:

    Ummm… subtitles? Was that really necessary?

    • skyejaden says:

      It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the year :)

      (and wtf, subtitles?! honestly.)

    • miri says:

      I know. I had the same reaction. His accent isn’t that bad!

      • Debbie says:

        Subtitles? Somehow I think Rafa would be hurt. He is very proud of knowing English. I hope they get rid of them when they realize you can understand him just fine.

  3. Debbie says:

    Subtitles aside, great, well done preview.

  4. nic says:

    Thought this was a pretty nice preview, but yeah, totally uncalled for them subtitles, what the heck. Annoying. I like the intro where they make Rafa look into the camera, but it’s that typically staged shot where the athlete has to start with their head down but then turn it upwards and then continue to stare straight at the camera. Rafa had a real nice smile there too.

  5. AnaR says:

    Rafael Nadal and Roland Garros.. Have you seen this video? It is wonderful.

    Rafa will win RG! ¡Vamos Rafa!

  6. AnaR says:


    Nobody, absolutely nobody and at the moment or in the future can play tennis as a brilliant and spectacular playing Rafa. I’m watching the video and I’m totally excited.

  7. AnaR says:

    And this one… L’uomo invincibile

  8. faecoleman says:

    Thanks Anar for these, simply awsome isn’t he?