Madrid semi-final highlights

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  1. faecoleman says:

    RAFA! RAFA! RAFA! amazing crowd! This victory must be sweeter than ever!!

  2. johanne says:

    OK so apparently while I was freaking out after Rafa won the match, I missed some of the “little fan incident.” The kid’s all over him! AGH! Initially I just saw some of the hug and then him kneeling next to Rafa. I thought that was pretty cute. But after seeing the whole thing I’m more like “get that brat off the court!”

    Great highlights by the way!! :)

    • sG says:

      It’s funny, johanne — you aren’t the only one to express that sentiment (“get that brat off the court!”). I thought it was super cute for the most part. The one niggling annoyance? He ruined the perfect photographic shot of Rafa falling to his knees in celebration. No way the camera isn’t catching that kid, and upon further review, the kid was mugging for the camera. Total attention hog. LOL The TTC commentators proclaimed the kid wanted to be like Rafa someday and I couldn’t help laughing in wonder if ten years from now that actually came true.

      • CC says:

        Who is that kid? I thought it was somebody Rafa knew, but if not that’s a bit disturbing! Who let him on court?