Flashback Friday

From 2006 – Jimmy Connors talks to a geeky, awkward teenaged Rafa. Oh wait, Rafa did not have an awkward age. Damn him.

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  1. CC says:

    Fantastic smile all the way through!
    Warms my heart.

  2. faecoleman says:

    Jimmy is soo intrigued with Rafael there, I love the way he complements him on his great movement, last year they were saying the same about his movement on the grass at Wimbledon, and how amazing it is. You may remember at the A/O this year too, Fernando Verdasco after his semi-final loss to Rafa saying “he’s got amazing legs no, just unbelievable you know?”, as Rafa says he its natural maybe because of the inner energy he has. Also Indian wells V. Murray, the key to his success in the final was his movement, Rafa says”important thing not to stop the legs, keep them moving all the time” interesting! I think its great to how he doesn’t reveal too much into his training routines or techniques unlike the Murray camp, so smart and yet so humble, I wish guys like Bjorg, Macenroe, or Becker would do more interviews like this they so much more interesting than the boring pressers! Thanx for this, really great stuff!!! Great site!!

  3. nic says:

    Rafa enjoys the pressure moments and the nervous moments, how very him indeed. I love to see this video, although it was quite some time back, Rafa’s English was already really good there actually. He even said ‘mobility’ :) He’s very nice to watch in this one. Still a bit youngish, and lots of smiles. It’s really nice to see someone like Connors interviewing Rafa for a segment like this.