Madrid pre-tournament interview


johanne pointed out this interview to me and had the following to say:

Did you see this interview on OMG Rafa is cracking me up during this! First of all his new shorter locks are everywhere, yet he somehow still looks amazing (go figure…typical Rafa lol). Then, is that a yawn at the very beginning? Followed by some straight up BS about what he thinks about the tourney? HA! He is of course sporting his grumpy-sleepy-bored-face, not forgetting to sneak in a few wry smiles. Classic.

6 Responses

  1. CC says:

    Dear oh dear, somebody needs to put Rafa to bed here. It makes me sleepy just watching and listening!
    He’s gorgeous like this, though, SO bored with questions about the magic box he must be out of his mind. I don’t blame him. Could they not at least ask him something about the TENNIS?

    And what’s that he says about the crowd? That they’re “hot”? Or “hard”? Um…makes no sense either way, Rafa. (-:

    Anyway, love the messy, short locks and the charcoal jacket and black t-shirt. Makes him look even more moody.

    • johanne says:

      I volunteer to take, er put, Rafa to bed. No magic box questions allowed. Well, I take that back.

  2. nereis says:

    Poor thing, he’s incredible bored.

    • rebel naughty says:

      they should put us as the interviewers… i’m just disgusted that these fools can go on asking them same boring questions year in, year out. its like they just got introduced to the game and to the existence of Rafa yesterday. Its embarrassing.

  3. nic says:

    *sleepy-head rafa*

    yum!! his eyes do look like they’re about to shut anytime soon. maybe it was after his 2 hour practice and massage after. mmm, very nice images come to mind right now….

    btw, why the sudden explosion of all things black on rafa?? i want the chirpy bright coloured rafa back. some black now and then is very sexy, but i love absolutely love rafa in colour. he’s more vibrant than black makes him seem.

    rafa’s short hair is actually looking very adorable :p

  4. faecoleman says:

    awh, adorable sleepy rafa, this clip cracked me up! he still looks gorgeous and the unruly hair doo’s just fine. I watched this live yesterday too, twice as nice. god bless our Rafa, always!!