A Spaniard with charm and fighter’s heart

Nothing much new in this article – but it gave me the chance to try and remember some college German in order to help out the sad Google translation. Here’s my attempt:

Rafael Nadal – A Spaniard with charm and fighter’s heart
He is young, he is successful and he is a “buddy” from next door – despite his great success, the life of superstar Rafael Nadal has not changed.

Since he has 36 ATP singles titles, you could actually think – this man is stubborn and inaccessible. Not the Spaniard – he is the boy next door, who laughs over jokes with friends, loves Play Station, likes Jennifer Lopez and arranges his life by mobile phone. The miracle child causes tennis fans to shriek and is now the favorite of women.

The “fighters”. At first glance, he might not seem so since he needs to have English questions repeated by translators again and again – but the clay king is intelligent – especially when it comes to his profession. In addition to spin and a witty game [? the literal translation “Joke game” wasn’t working for me], he’s also a tremendous fighting force who brings every opponent he has to the edge of desperation.

The genes. The “Nadel” is genetically preloaded – His uncle Miguel Angel Nadal is 42 years old and played for almost a decade for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team. Not surprisingly, it was unclear for some time whether Rafa should be a footballer or tennis player. He then quickly decided to pursue tennis.

Weapon. At the tender age of four, the Mallorcan picked up a racket. Until he was twelve, he played his fore- and backhand with both hands. But his Uncle Toni, who lives with the Sunnyboy in the same house, convinced him to switch his game. “What world class players do you know who hit the forehand with both hands,” he asked his nephew and asked him play with his left hand, even though the kid is a right-hander (his autographs, he writes with the right). His biggest weapon is curiously his “unnatural” forehand, that he uses to push his opponents down.

The “pirate”. His trademark is his “pirate” pants and his “round pick” in this narrow piece of clothing. Always the same motion before every ball change – check the tension and the “tug” in his pants – can one still concentrate on tennis? One can, and does it as # 1 of the tennis world.

His home. The Spaniard lives in Manacor, a town of 30,000 inhabitants on the island of Mallorca. Rafa lives in a four story white building on the Plaza Rector Rubi in the center of the city. The ground floor is a bistro. In the second lives Rafael’s grandparents, on the floor above that uncle Toni with his wife and above that the “longhaired-boy” with his parents and his sister Maria Isabel.

Hobbies: Cooking. In Portocristo the family owns a summer residence, 14 kilometers east of Manacor. The Sunnyboy likes to boat out to sea and loves to fish. The teen-idol has an unusual hobby too – namely cooking. Preferably the fish that he catches himself. [I think he’s said he only really cooks at Wimbly for his family.]

His friends. Among his closest friends on the tour include his countrymen Carlos Moya, Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez and Argentine Juan Monaco. The former French Open champion Carlos Moya, his great mentor, watched his development from childhood and took him later into his training group [He did?]. So close to the “Gladiator” in the record pace of the tennis world.

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  1. Maria says:

    Sehr, sehr gut, Miri. :P
    I also didn’t know about Moya’s training team.
    The article seems a little outdated, no?

    • miri says:

      You aren’t going to mock all my boo-boos? Just go for it, I can take it!

      I don’t think I got the Moya part right or, if I did, I think the article is wrong. And yes, it’s very outdated.

      • Maria says:

        No, no mocking at all. ;)
        They probably didn’t do a lot of research, if at all. Just summing up every little anecdote he’s mentioned in his blog a hundred times.
        I’m a little embarassed I still didn’t get the “Nadel” thing. :(

  2. strobi says:

    Again, some confuse lack of language skills with actually being dumb! I hate that!
    In that case all english speaking players (who most likely don’t speak any other language but their own) are below average. One dimensional piece, but thanks Miri for the translation.

    • miri says:

      It could have been a comment on his supposed lack of language skills or on his facial expressions. ;)

  3. johanne says:

    Thanks for the translation, miri! Google translator has been on crack these days! ;)

    You know what’s been interesting to me of late? I think journalists always like to talk about how Rafa & Verdasco are really good friends, when in reality I don’t think they are. Granted I don’t know either of them personally, but I feel like they’ve both made comments along the lines of “we know each other really well, but we’re not close friends” or “we’re both really good friends with Feli.” I don’t think there’s anything bad between the 2 of them, nothing like that, I just don’t think they’re besties like the media keeps saying.

    In any case, that pic of the 3 of them is TO DIE. Those boys are hot!! Someone enlarge the picture! SOMEONE! Make it bigger! :)

    • johanne says:

      Also, I find it amusing that he likes J-Lo. I don’t why. I just do. HA HA.

      • kefuoe says:

        It was probably someone asking a simple-minded question like, “Hey Rafa, do you like J-Lo?” And what else could he say to that? I think his musical taste is way different. Of course there’s more to J-Lo than music…

    • nic says:

      You can find that set of pics on Zimbio.com, search for Rafa, and when they show his pictures in sets, look it up near the month of Nov 08. It was when the Davis Cup team were meeting with the Spanish PM on winning it last year.

  4. kefuoe says:

    The writer seemed to spare no imagination on the nicknames. We got, “the Spaniard”, “miracle child”, “Mallorcan”, “Sunnyboy” (personal fav), “longhaired boy” and “teen idol”.

  5. faecoleman says:

    He likes J-Lo? she’s hardly what you would call your girl next door type, oh well not the best article on him thou… thanx for the translation anyway.

    • strobi says:

      A lot of regular guys like JLo, i believe he likes her looks mostly, like most regular guys do.
      Still, this article dwells on clichés, not really the best stuff out there.

      • miri says:

        I have to admit I wondered if they mentioned her because she’s Hispanic and so…you know. All Hispanics like other Hispanics, right? *sigh*

        • strobi says:

          exactly, and an american actress of puertorican descent has everything to do with a Majorcan, right?
          I never heard the JLo thing before, something we have to ask him in his next blog.

    • kefuoe says:

      Of course he could have thought they said, “Fe-Lo” not J-Lo. That could explain it.

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    Sometimes I feel like having worn piratas for several years will always haunt him via descriptions of his “pirate”-ness. How Rafa is in any way pirate-like escapes me though. It bugs me that his style is fetishized so much and read into his personality. Doesn’t anyone realize it was a corporate marketing ploy all along?