A bit more practice footage

…and greeting some fans. He’s really smacking that flat forehand.

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  1. skyejaden says:

    If Uncle Toni needs the day off, I’ll gladly toss the boy some balls…

  2. fae says:

    Thanx for the update Miri. x

  3. Anna says:

    He’s so soft spoken in this video.

  4. trbermjuda says:

    Isn’t he just the most. I’d take care to cut that hair as it surely needs the air…but dunno why he doesn’t shave it fully…..

  5. riqoueiardo says:

    Absoulutely – i have that many times wished the same thing. i belive Rafa needs a totally new outlook – and does his family have any photos so we can browse too!!

  6. trbermjuda says:

    Does anyone know where on earth did my comment go – i was saying Raf needs to shave his head fully so we can see a Blakey suit….And he looks unbelievably fantastico !!

    Your comment was held as possible spam because there were three posts from the same IP using different usernames and email addresses. Please play nice! – miri

  7. riqoueiardo says:

    DUMBO ME!! SORRY MIR. My mate here and I love a goss on the ‘star’ and we live and share the same machine. So, hope that clears it. Tah for the footage and God bless,….

  8. KONSZEJTA says:

    Hi all. I’m proud of Rafa for playing great this year. Rafa became a friend before he did Miami 09 and I’m glad to say he is an unbelievable player – marvellous