Rankings – May 4th

This week’s rankings are out and, the only movement in the top ten is towards the bottom of the list. The big Djokovic/Murray swap should happen next week.

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Nadal, Rafael 15290 0 20
2 Federer, Roger 10420 0 19
3 Djokovic, Novak 9670 0 23
4 Murray, Andy 8810 0 22
5 Del Potro, Juan Martin 4510 0 24
6 Roddick, Andy 4340 0 24
7 Verdasco, Fernando 3870 +1 25
8 Simon, Gilles 3750 -1 29
9 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 3315 +1 24
10 Monfils, Gael 3310 -1 23

7 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    Crazy how Rafa & Rog are the guys with the least amount of tourneys played, yet they’re the top 2 players. Says a lot about their consistency! :)

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Actually, Roger’s only #2 because of last year’s points. Considering 2009 points, he’s fourth behind Murray and Djokovic – which I think is a fair assessment of his level right now compared to the top 4.

      • johanne says:

        Yeah I’m only talking about the rankings, not the race. I don’t think Roger was #1 in the race at this time last year, and it still took until August for Rafa to pass him in the rankings. Nole & Andy need to keep postings good results and hope Roger can’t defend/increase his points in order for there to be any chance to pass him up. Until that happens, Roger will still be the No. 2 player. But don’t get me wrong, I won’t be surprised if Roger’s ranking does indeed drop!

    • fae says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking Johanne, pretty impressive eh? Next weeks figures should prove more interesting though, I do hope Federer hangs on to his no.2 ranking and Djoko can regain his no.3 spot, shame since his played so well recently and back to his old self, he seems confident that he can get it back, we’ll see, Murray is no walk over so it all makes for exciting tennis, liking Rafa’s figures too..

  2. Nada H. T says:

    I love what’s happening ;)

    May Rafa’s points gets higher each tournament ..

  3. erinjess says:

    I love that Rafa is so far ahead, and also that Murray keeps moving up! Now all I need is for Roger to get competitive again (it’s almost sad to watch him these days…) and for Nole to get his head back in the game!
    I feel like if the Djokovic family would stop trying to get their hands in tennis money so much, and just focus on the Djoker’s game, he could have been number 2 by now, instead of falling to 4.

    • faecoleman says:

      Yeah, did you read that article on Go Tennis’ was it? about Djokovic knows that he’s Dad is a nut case, after the Organiser of the Belgrade Tournament week retired saying that he could not work with his father. I often watch them when there at Novaks matches, I think alot of expectations are there thus giving him undue pressure, it must be really hard for him having such pushy parents and all. This is common place in Sport though, and you see this alot, but now Novak has found his feet they really need to sit back a bit, instead of leaving Novak to have to apologise for there behaviour all the time. Do you remember Federer telling them to shut up at Monte Carlo last year? … How embarassing for Novak!