Rome semi-final presser transcript

(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe)

(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe)

Transcript of the presser after the semi-final against Gonzalez.

Q. Are you pleased with your match today and the fact you’ll be in the final once again?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, very happy. Sure, very good result 6-3, 6-3 against tough opponent like Fernando, so it’s very good result. I’m very happy about be in this final another time, no?

Always playing in Rome is a pleasure. The crowd was always fantastic with me. I remember a lot of things about the finals of here. Always the crowd supported me a lot, so it’s always amazing feeling come back here and be in the final.

Q. You said yesterday you made quite a lot of mistakes. Did you feel today that you eliminated, got rid of, the mistakes and it was a better performance?

RAFAEL NADAL: I have some ones. I had one bad game with my serve after the 3-2 in the first set when I had the first break. He broke me back in the 3-2 to 3-3. Yeah, I had only this moment, no?

Later I had — no, I didn’t have a lot of mistakes, no? And when I have the mistakes, it’s because I can do the mistakes. I think yesterday I didn’t feel this control some moments. But today, yes, I am happy.

When he had mistakes it was because he could do them? I’m confused. Does that mean he was trying things out and experimenting? Was he feeling that little pressure?

Q. How much do you feel you have improved since Monte-Carlo? You’re playing Novak in the final again.

RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know if I am better or worse. I don’t know.

The only thing I know is I won in Monte-Carlo and I won in Barcelona. That’s very good news for me. And final in Rome, so that’s unbelievable. I’m very happy about everything.

I know tomorrow going to be a really tough match, and I have to be playing at my 100% to have good chances to win, no?

Q. How do you feel the conditions are here comparing to Monte-Carlo?

RAFAEL NADAL: A little bit different, yeah.

Q. Is it your favorite, or…

RAFAEL NADAL: No. Monte-Carlo is, yeah. Monte-Carlo is. Always I feel the ball more inside the racquet in Monte-Carlo. Here the ball is…

Q. It’s slower here?

RAFAEL NADAL: I think here is faster, yeah. More crazy bounce. I like that, but you have to be playing really well.

He likes crazy or faster bounces?

Q. Against Novak, what is the key for you?

RAFAEL NADAL: Important thing is don’t have a lot of mistakes. He gonna to play aggressive, I think, because it’s his game. I gonna to try to play aggressive, too. I have to play aggressive with my forehand and try to have control of the point with my forehand. That’s what I gonna try, no?

If I don’t do that gonna be really difficult, because if he is attacking me is really tough to play against Novak, no?

Q. Are you ready for the football game?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, I am ready. If you are ready, I am ready.

In other words: stop asking me inane questions so I can do watch the game!

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  1. johanne says:

    “More crazy bounce.” LOL! That might be my fave thing he’s said all week.

    BTW, your photo caption is hilarious, miri. JUST noticed it. :)

    • CC says:

      Bohoo, I can’t see the photo caption…

      “RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know if I am better or worse. I don’t know”

      Brilliant, Rafa. Me thinks he doesn’t know, no?

      • johanne says:

        LOL, I wish we could listen to these press conferences! He’s always so cute. But I haven’t seen anything on youtube or on the official website. :(

        CC, try just running your cursor over the photo – that’s when the caption popped up for me.

        • CC says:

          Hah, yeah, can see it now! Cheers!

          I know, I’d love to see some more pressers, but they never seem to show them. There are some classic old ones with our Rafa that are just priceless!