Interview with Toni

I have no idea if this is new or not nor do I know what the hell the man is saying, but he sure cracks himself up too!

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  1. whirling says:

    it’s the story where Toni went to a tourney in Mallorca with Rafa when he was seven and said he’d make it rain if Rafa was losing, when Rafa levels the score and it starts raining, Rafa runs up to uncle toni and tells him to stop the rain as he thinks he can win anyway! Toni is comparing it to the rain delays in the Wimbledon 2008 final

  2. dutchgirl says:

    Thanks for the translation. Lovely story! I really like the comparison with the Wimbledon final.

  3. nereis says:

    LMAO I adore this guy’s sense of humor. He’s hilarious.

  4. fae says:

    Thats a great story, he seems such a great person, really laid back with a good sense of humour, nice, thanx for this!

  5. tiemyshoe says:

    You know, having good old Uncle Toni around eases whatever small fear I might have of Rafa’s ego getting huge. Just because you know he probably tells that story about Rafa being gullible about “making the rain stop” all the time.

    It kinda makes me think of that one video of Rafa’s birthday a few years ago at RG, when Toni insisted on smashing cake in Rafa’s face in front of dozens of cameras and reporters. You can’t buy that type of coach.

    • miri says:

      I often wonder if Rafa’s parents would have been okay with him turning pro at such a young age were it not for Uncle Toni. Even if Rafa had an excellent coach who wasn’t a trusted relative, the path and arc of his career could have been so different.

      And to think when I first saw that this youngster was being coached by a relative alarms went off in my head. Often that’s a recipe for disaster, not success.

      • faecoleman says:

        I agree Miri, its really rare that you see this in any sport. The relationship that Rafa and Toni have has proved more than successful and will go down in history as the most intrigueing relationship the sport has ever seen. It also comes down to that ole saying “nature or nurtured?”. I believe in Rafa’s case it is both. I remember Toni Nadal saying in an interview at Wimbledon that you cannot achieve success on Talent alone. What I mean is that Rafa is genetically made to be a sublime athelete and has alot of natural talent but his mental strength, this is something he has learnt from a young age as well as a great attitude toward others in general. For sure, Rafa will be remembered not just as a Great tennis player but also for the great personality that he is. One that others in the game simple can’t be compared to, All credit to Uncle Toni.

    • nic says:

      Hahaha that sounds funny. Any chance you know where to find this one on YouTube? I’d love to see Rafa getting cake on his face at the yearly ritual of embarrassing birthday celebrations in RG :)
      Btw, can’t wait to see what they do for Rafa’s bday this year haha.

      • miri says:

        Here ya be – that look? At the beginning? When he cuts his eyes towards the reporters? That was a “I don’t want to be here” look if I ever saw one.

        Fork? Who needs a damn fork?

        • strobi says:

          lovely how he put the silly towel as a cape :) And how uncle Toni said that now he can prove he has been to Roland Garros :)

          • CC says:

            Hahahaaa! This clip is fantastic. I love it that he’s so scared of everything! The sparklers, opening the champagne bottle… Adorkable, for sure!

            • johanne says:

              I like when he chugs the champagne….afterwards he shakes his head and makes a cute sound and a cute face. Marry me, Rafa! :P

        • johanne says:

          I remember reading a blog of his where he talked about these RG bday things and how of course it’s really nice of the tournament to remember his birthday and prepare something, etc. but that it feels a bit unnatural because, well, it is. Just the fact that it’s staged and basically a media appearance – clearly not what celebrating with your friends & family would be like. I mean he nearly gets his face burnt off with candles, gets cake in his face, is subjected to a half-assed version of “happy birthday” sung by the media, opens champagne and cuts cake, wears a towel cape – all while posing for the camera! Agh!

          Although, it is kinda perfect that his birthday is during RG. Ha ha I don’t know whose side I’m on. ;)

        • nic says:

          Hahahahaha omg I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this! Omg looks like the most horrifying birthday ever. And what a crappy present, a towel! Haha, and Rafa drapes it around him and grins. Funny! I can’t believe they almost put his eye out, both eyes actually, with those sparklers! Scary!

          And I love how Rafa’s the only one doing all the work there, pouring the champagne, handing them out, cutting the cake. Hahaha. Why’s no one else stepping in to take over?? Hahaha and when he brushes aside the fork, hilarious. Poor Rafa, the press singing Happy Birthday to him (twice) is just beyond horrid haha. Didn’t look too happy when Toni tried to smash the cake in his face! And he just brushed it off and pretended like nothing happened. Pfffttt!

          Thanks Miri for 7 minutes of pure entertainment ;)

          • strobi says:

            Did you notice that when he first arrived, he went straight to his aunt and little cousin and gave her a kiss? How sweet :)

            • nic says:

              Yeah I did! Absolutely adorable. He’s such a sweetheart. I remember seeing him arrive in Mallorca after winning the AO and first thing he did was kiss the little kiddies who were waiting with the family. Must be cousins too. Rafa’s just gorgeous with the kids. Sigh.

          • miri says:

            I’m sure those were the people he wanted to hang out with – not the press people.

            I love that he still cuts up and serves cake that has been slightly mushed against his face and that he then brushed his hair out while leaning over. And that, at some point, pouring champagne involves sticking your hand between your legs.

            Loved it when he said, “in English?” during the first horrid Happy Birthday.

            • tiemyshoe says:

              That clip is full of revealing little moments. His just-showered mop of hair drove me a bit crazy though – I love how he’s too whatevs to care about his appearance, but coming to your own public b-day fete looking like you just went through a car wash? Oh Rafa.

              Anyway, I think he’s somewhat less shy than he is now, and doesn’t hide behind his hair as much as he did in those days.

            • CC says:

              Hahaaa, yeah I saw the hand between the legs and thought “WTF is he doing?!” Unselfconscious Rafa is the best!

  6. kefuoe says:

    Do you suppose Uncle Toni will be there providing a seminar on coaching a preternaturally talented, remarkably disciplined prodigy who is related to you?

    • tiemyshoe says:


      He should also considering putting out an instructional book series because I know that we each need guidance on this.

      Teaching Your Nephew To Win 5+ Slams for Dummies

      “Put It In Their Off-Hand”
      “Being Gruff”
      “‘Stop Crying,’ and Other Motivational Speeches”
      “Bullshit: How Not To Take Any”
      “10 Ways To Look Hell of Unimpressed with That Volley”