Feel Rafa

…or, wait… The cheesy, over-the-top ATP promo “Feel It” video featuring Rafa.

13 Responses

  1. dutchgirl says:

    Is it me, or is this video just not showing?

    • nic says:

      I could watch it, but I do have problems watching ATP videos all the time though. They never stream properly for me, they always buffer/ hang every 10 secs. Annoying. I love YouTube cos I never have that problem with their format.

      • miri says:

        Maybe a direct link will work better: here. If the vids are later posted on YouTube, I usually replace the embedded ATP vids with the YouTube ones.

        • dutchgirl says:

          That doesn’t work for me either. Not sure if I have to be sorry for that, having read your comments. Still curious though…

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    Omigod, that’s like crappy fantasy-war movie trailer music. They should’ve just had a 30-second promo of Rafa snortlaughing. Fade to black. … It would be high art!

    • miri says:

      I know – it’s awful. It just needs movie-voice-over guy. “In world where snortlaughs rule…”

  3. Diane says:

    Okay, it’s bit cheesy. But I could watch him read the phone book. And why’re you lot picking on his laugh? Hmm? It sounds like angels ringing bells. (Or some such nonsense.)

    • miri says:

      We aren’t picking on his laugh! It, like many, many things about Rafa, is completely adorkable!

      • Diane says:

        I think that’s the bit that makes him so devastating: he’s kinda goofy, and it just makes him hotter. It’s amazing that with his drop-dead looks, how he can be kinda dorky, and it just adds to his considerable charms.

  4. faecoleman says:

    I’d enjoy any video clip of Rafa, and I love him and his quirks, thats what makes him so real, but charisma is what Rafa oozes most more than any other.

  5. sG says:

    What? What?! The feel doesn’t match Rafa at all. It should be similar to the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth or nothing but bass/drums. I’m disappointed, although it did feature some pretty, pretty, sweet shots of Rafa. He looks yummy in that tone of blue.

    Hey, if anyone should know where to find this clip it should be here: TTC ran a promo featuring — who else? — Rafa and Roger, various (clay) tournaments cobbled together. It ends with Rafa lifting is knee and fist in an emphatic pump, crying out “Vamos!”. The beginning (or is it the middle?) features a voice intoning “When you are like gladiators…” I love that promo and I’m (apparently) too stupid to find it. Any help?

    • Diane says:

      I found it on YouTube, once. I can’t find it now. I tried the ATP site, Tennis Channel, and a bit at YouTube. Curses!

    • johanne says:

      Oh yeah! I know what you’re talking about! It asks the question about what you need to compete: PASSION!

      I can’t find anything on youtube. Rats.