Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon

© Professional Sport

© Professional Sport

The official Wimbledon site has put up a picture retrospective of Rafa at the tournament – here.

4 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    The 7th is a stunner, but obviously the pictures from 2008 win hands down.

    What I’ll never understand is the point of these fuzzy action shots (9 & 14). You can never look at them long enough without getting dizzy.

    • nic says:

      Is that the one where he’s holding the trophy and staring at it? Oh, no, I think you were talking bout older ones? I agree, Rafa just gets lovelier and lovelier with each passing year. And when he’s got that trophy in hand, and taking it all in, that’s an absolutely gorgeous and telling shot. Really interested to see what his outfit will look like this year. He always looks immaculate in white.

  2. Mary says:

    I love the sleeveless-with-a-collar number he’s wearing in one of the pics. Surprisingly enough, he pulls it off!

  3. faecoleman says:

    Oh how cute he was, and what a fine specimen he has grown into, that one of him shaking hands full on with Roger 2007 holding his running up is a stunner, the one of him holding the trophy is special too and I will never forget the expression on his face when he fell to the ground clenching his fists and the victory at Wimbledon, what a moment! I’ve never witness anything like it. Just loved him in that crisp white sleevless outfit, he’s just awsome isn’t he… Don’t you all miss the tight pirate pants thou??