4 Responses

  1. CC says:

    Adorable indeed.
    I do think he actually genuinely loves kids and I’m sure he’d rather hang out with them than do boring pressers or promotional stuff.

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    Rafa seems really good with kids. (Note to Rafa: I will consider having your babies if you ask. Nicely.)

    I forget how tall he is until I see his head poking out from big crowds. :D

  3. faecoleman says:

    I have 2 boys but my eldest Alesandros is particularly fascinated by Rafa, he plays tennis of course. I love the way Rafa is always envolved with children, a sign of a truly genuine and kind guy. Lovely pics, and yes he is taller than you think, 61″, just right for a tennis player apparently. Not to mention how handsome he is. Thanks Miri..

  4. nic says:

    aaawww Rafa’s dimples are even deeper cos he’s smiling so warmly when hanging with kids. such a sweetheart. i’m in love.