2005 photoshoot with Maribel

Video of a 2005 photoshoot with Maribel.

Could Rafa look more bored?

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  1. kefuoe says:

    That’s probably the closest he got to being a surly teenager. I’d feel a bit awkward posing like that with my older brother.

  2. miri says:

    I love how he’s all listening to music, eating pastries and…reading about how wonderful he is in the paper. Just a normal day.

  3. nic says:

    haha i love how he behaves here. so disinterested with taking the cutesy pics with his sister. and he looks so young! and check out uncle toni too! way young!

  4. CC says:

    Haaaa, haaaa!!! This makes me laugh so much. I’d feel so awkward too.
    And isn’t it amazing how much he’s grown up since then!

  5. Debbie says:

    Bored out of his mind! What amazes me is how much they look alike. You can really see it when they are posing together. Rafa has the “photo” smile down even then. lol

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    It’s uncanny how similar their faces and expressions are, especially when they were both kind of rolling their eyes at the “get closer!” shots. Ha.

  7. strobi says:

    Hahaha, they are very similar! They didn’t like the get closer very much. Rafa has said in his blogs that they tease each other quite a bit, they were really controlling themselves.

    • johanne says:

      LOL yeah I’ve heard they tease each other a lot too. I have an older brother and we probably would have burst out laughing/rolled our eyes if we had to pose like this when we were adolescents. The more “natural” pictures of us would have been me in a headlock trying to punch my way out of it! :)

  8. miri says:

    Adding to the things that crack me up about this: he took his portable CD player with him when starting to pose. How dare they interrupt his jamming by asking him to pose with his little sister!

    (It’s funny enough that he had a portable CD player and not an MP3 player.)

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Ha, I had the same thought about the Discman. Also, you just know he was jamming a Compact Disc of the Phantom of the Opera OST (feat. original Broadway singers), which just makes it worse/better.

    • strobi says:

      I read somewhere, that after his first or second RG, Rafa asked his dad for permission to get a portable computer. Hard to imagine, he had just won over a million euros and asked if he chould buy something as ordinary as that. Right now he got his Aston Martin, but maybe he asked his dad if he could get it also :)
      About Rafa’s musical tastes *rolls her eyes*, well, nobody is perfect …

      • CC says:

        *rolls eyes with strobi at Rafa’s musical taste*
        Hah, I love like musicals if I’m in that mood, but I HATE Phantom of the opera. Really. Hate. It.
        *flove* national anthems, though!