Press mob

Man, the press mobs him just as much as fans do!

And poor Feru looks so sad sitting there…

Posted by admiraweb1.

6 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    Rafa looks so smoldering in that presser. Dang!

    *fans self*

    And yes, Ferrer looks so sad (awww). I really like him and his game – hope he can keep it up and bust back into the top 10.

    • nic says:

      yeah i know! while i love rafa in all sorts of gorgeous sunny colours, he does look pretty darn yummy in black too :)

  2. faecoleman says:

    I’ve always liked Ferrer and he seems to have taken this loss really hard, maybe being 27 and all he feels he’s years at the top are limited, I for one would like to see him back in the top 10 soon.

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Heh, I like how Rafa’s in seemingly no hurry to finish his texting while dozens of microphones are getting stuck in his face.