[Updated] Post 3rd round interview

Via the ATP – click through for high-quality.

(Thanks to johanne for pointing out that this was up already.)

2 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    I often wonder if they have to pay a fine if they don’t do these post match interviews.

    Rafa has his meh face on in most of those. Even ones after championships (see IW).

    • miri says:

      I do think they are required to do the interviews and the only way I can think of them making them required is to fine them for not showing up.

      The adrenaline of the match is wearing off and he’s had a nice warm shower…I also wonder if they’ve already had a massage or not. That could help explain the whole mellow attitude. Then again, it just could be that this is the Xth interview he’s given in the last few hours. (A couple of on-court ones, the pressers in English, Spanish and – this week – Catalan and then these one-on-one things. Not that I’m sure they are done in that order or anything.) And I bet not a single one of those interviews contained an original question. ;)

      Oh, and since I didn’t say it earlier – Clop! Clop!