Barcelona round 3 post-match interview

On court interview for Spanish TV.

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  1. BEE says:

    My spanish is far from perfect, bu I think the jist of what he said is that he felt good, everything was fine. Regarding his next match, which he thought would be against Nalbandian, he said he has a lot of respect for him and knows it will be a difficult match.

  2. AnaR says:

    The journalist asked if Rafa is tired and he says no. And after the way He has to play against Rochus who is a player of short tall and therefore he must throw the ball high. The interviewer do the comment him that the public have paid 70, 80 and over euros to see Rafa play but for longer and then they have talked about the match against Nalbandian (now we know that there is no match) and as always Rafa is very respectful with ALL TENNIS PLAYERS and of course with David Nalbandian who is one of the biggest rivals of Nadal and who always put him on the best level of play. Rafa is always a charm.