Rafa the towel thief

I’d heard about these on-court interviews at the Australian Open, but never got to see them. So glad someone posted this! How cute is the towel thief?

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  1. patzin says:

    This is so cute. Love it.

  2. johanne says:

    Too. Much. Cute.


  3. Danielle says:

    LOL! He is so adorable. I can’t help but smile when he does. And those muscles!! hmm

  4. rez says:

    wow, this one was sooooooooo good. Thanks

  5. vie says:

    gosh, this is to die for. i m still amazed how rafa never fail to lighten up my days. huge thanks for posting this!

  6. mage06 says:

    That was really cute :). Love how much of a good sport he is. Like the shot with the guys holding the “Bring back the sleeveless” sign…it isn’t just fan girls :).

  7. tiemyshoe says:

    OHMYGOD the adorableness. The fact that he’s cracking himself up talking ’bout putting water on his “foots” … kills me.

    You know what’s weird, too? When he rolled up his sleeves, I had a major twinge of missing the sleeveless and the biceps. Despite my railing against SleevesGate. Yeesh, he has nice arms.

    • CC says:

      Know what tiemyshoe, I had the same twinge when he showed his arms here. And I love the knew tops! Confusing…

      Anyways, I’m going to say it again: Rafa has the most adorable smile ever. Always makes me smile too. That is such a good thing.

      • CC says:

        Sorry, I mean *new* tops…

      • johanne says:

        The arms put me into a tizzy, oye! And how cute that he complies with the request and then looks slightly embarrassed afterwards?? FLOVE it. How anyone doesn’t like him is beyond me…but then again I’m VERY biased :)

        But yeah, Rafa’s smile is completely contagious! I think there must be good vibes between him and Jim because I saw another on-court interview with these two, and Rafa is super smiley and laughin’ it up once again. Same with Chris Fowler of ESPN. I feel like Rafa always gives him a “good” interview, you know?

  8. nic says:

    How cool that you found this one. I actually saw it on tv that night and couldn’t stop cracking up myself and smiling hard at Rafa’s adorableness. Sometimes he’s just like a little shy kid :) And I had no one to share my excitement over this interview with at the time!! Jim interviewed Rafa after every centre court match, and each one was just awesome. Jim has the best personality and charm to get the funniest most relaxed interviews from the players. And yeah, he totally has heaps of respect for Rafa.

  9. dutchgirl says:

    He is SOOOOOOOO cute, and not only as the towel thief, or showing his muscles (*sigh*), but throughout the entire interview!!

  10. naaz says:

    he is soo free in this interview!!!!! And very charming & sweet. I watched all the matches live but as soon as the interviews would start, they would cut the transmission. i was soo angry then. finding this here was great, i hope u post the oher interviews too! Thankuverymuch!!!!!!!

  11. Bluetina says:

    Thanks for that amazing interview rafa is so sweet in it and as he always is ;-)