In the news – April 20th

Rafa! In Spain! Means 27/7 news coverage – all in Spanish and Catalan. *curses lack of language skills*

Press conference, signing stuff and walking about:

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Friends show up on the practice court, book release, and press conference:

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Some sort of Davis Cup Mapfre presentation, practicing, and a short interview:

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Book release press conference:

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More press conference and more practice:

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4 Responses

  1. johanne says:

    I can’t believe how much press he has to do! Well, I mean I do believe it, but you know what I’m saying, right? And he is so used to cameras following him around everywhere. Must be a strange feeling knowing that just your presence alone is capable of inducing such rampant excitement. His friends, on the other hand, looked very conscious of the fact they were being filmed (vid #2).

    Thanks for finding & posting all this! :)

    • miri says:

      If you look on the Barcelona site, they have presser clips of him doing interviews in English, Spanish and Catalan…so, triple duty.

    • CC says:

      Yeah, sometimes I find this constant attention…slightly worrying. If anything, I think that can eventually grind you down. I wouldn’t worry about Rafa training too hard, or playing too many matches, or doing all that travelling. But to have journos AND mobs of fans CONSTANTLY around you must one day back fire. Hopefully not with Rafa, but I sure as hell could not do it!

      Something completely different… Don’t you just love how Rafa always plays with those microphones in pressers, bending them over, moving them around. I can just see the technician in a corner going ‘Don’t touch the mic, DON’T…oh he touched the mic.’

  2. faecoleman says:

    Poor Rafa, all those monotonous press interviews! Still he carries it all very well, no wonder he plays with the microphone, it must be sooo boring repeating the same things over and over….