Rafael Nadal speaking French

Looks like he’s promoting Babolat and Salon du tennis?

Posted by merikob.

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  1. CC says:

    Sometimes I do feel a bit for Rafa. I mean, there is no end to what he has to do. And considering he seems to be quite a shy person, it MUST be hard work sometimes…
    He does do an awfully good job promoting all these things, though!

    • nic says:

      Yeah CC I sometimes feel the same thing too. It’s like Rafa do this, Rafa do that. Stick a microphone in his face, read the lines. Smile. Look at the cameras. Dress pretty for this shoot, for that promo. Say nice stuff, smile some more. Phew! But he does take it all in his stride. And still gives that warm and genuine smile everytime *flutter* It’s tough work being number one, but somebody’s gotta do it :)
      And you know what, I was kinda thinking, yeah Rafa does seem like a shy person actually. But then again, I think not? He’s so comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, to the press, to dignitaries, the Queen, the King, the public. And all this with a quiet confidence. It’s pretty amazing. All that and he’s only 22. Think I might have crumbled to bits at that age. Oh heck, even now I don’t think I could hack it. You have to be able to relate to so many people, of all different walks of life. It’s bloody fantastic if you ask me. But of course I’m biased. But still!

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    Ha, he looks 12 in this vid. *pinches cheeks*