Clay season preparation

Includes a few comments from Rafa (in Mallorquí).

Posted by vamosrafelnadal.

Updated: Google translation of Rafa’s comments thanks to subtitles in the HQ version of the video.

All very happy, but this is only the beginning but gives you a peace of mind for the rest of the season.

Just start Monte-Carlo, try to be on my level best and only option to do so you have good results. The past 4 years I have gained is a tournament that gives me good but you never know.

Barcelona is joined in the best tournaments clay, its history is special, I’m playing for something more because I’m not playing for points or a title I’m playing some tracks where they have played all the greats of history.

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  1. CC says:

    Oh Miri, if only it was in Spanish and might have been able to understand a sentence or two. But with Mallorquín, he might be talking about antique furniture or the stock market for all I know…
    He looks adorable, though. Love it when they zoom in on his beautiful hands. And love the retro Nike hoodie.
    Wonder what happened to his finger and that racquet?

    • miri says:

      Oops! Thanks, I’ve updated the post to reflect the correct language. I should have figured it was Mallorquí or Catalan given it was on IB3.

      Oh! The HQ version appears to have captions…

      • CC says:

        Yes, I just noticed!
        It would take me forever to translate, but it seems like he says the usual:
        He’s happy with the season so far, he is ‘with calm’, but it’s only the beginning. And it says that because of the all the matches on a high level he has plenty of blisters on his hand.(And something about breaking his racquet.) He is going to Monte Carlo on Friday, hoping to do well but doesn’t want to think about the final. And ‘you never know, no?’. (-:

  2. CC says:

    Ah, just noticed the google translation…

    • miri says:

      I just did the Rafa bits by typing the text into the translator. It sounded like there wasn’t anywhere near as much text as he was talking, though.

      He seems to have a chronic problem with blisters. I wonder why he blisters so easily. You’d think his hands would be so calloused by now that blisters wouldn’t happen a lot. (Although I have gotten blisters under callouses and that’s not fun at all.)

      • CC says:

        I know, it’s weird. I mean, his hands do look awfully soft (actually wonderfully soft…but that’s neither here, nor there), so maybe he just has delicate skin. And I suppose the sweating and the skin being constantly damp doesn’t help. But other players don’t seem to have the same problem. Must be a pain, because it seems like a trivial thing, but blisters can be sooo painful…

        • miri says:

          He does (or did) have callouses on the palm of his hand:
          screen grab from 2005 Rome final. Of course, in that same match, he had horrid blood blisters on his index finger.

          • CC says:

            Yeah, that’s some serious callouses… So I suppose he gets them too.
            Aw…bless, he looks so little there.

            • nic says:

              Oh i’m so glad you brought up Rafa’s gorgeous hands CC. Thought I was the only bizarro who paid notice to that. Guess I notice eeeeverything about Rafa! Man, everytime I see his hands I think, how can he be blessed with so many things! Even his digits are beautiful :) Really hope he can keep those blisters in check. Looked like he was wincing quite a bit in this vid :(

        • kefuoe says:

          You know,it seems like he’s always picking and biting at blisters/callouses on his hands. Maybe he doesn’t let them heal properly.

  3. johanne says:

    homeboy is ready for clay. sounds perf to me! :)

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    Bodo’s got a “preview” of the clay season over at TW. I honestly don’t know why I keep reading Bodo. It must be some latent masochism.

    I’m confused by several strands of thought about the clay season.

    1) DelPo being a threat – WHY? Dude’s never won a single match at a clay Masters or at the French, and obviously prefers hard. Also too freakishly tall for the clay game (see, miri, I put in the “freakish”). I guess being South American will make people think you’re a dirtballer … and by “people,” I mean Peter Bodo.

    2) Muzz being a threat – Again, until he actually plays a good match on clay, I chalk this up to Muzz hype.

    3) Rafa being “tired of clay” – Seriously, Bodo put forth the argument that Rafa might be weary of these boringass clay tournies he’s been four-peating left and right. I mean, God, winning is such a drag! Honestly, do people watch tennis? Rafa loves clay like fat kids love cake. It’s just true.

    I don’t want to jinx him – it’s never simple to defend points. I’m just like *eyerollll* at the speculations so far.

    Not Rafa-related, but Canas took out Blake at Houston! Yay! I hope he goes on to win the whole thing, pretty please.

    • miri says:

      I think one of the reasons that he gives for Rafa not liking clay is that he didn’t do the South American clay season. He NEVER does the SA clay season. It doesn’t make sense for him to do it geographically (the closer he can stay to home the better for his mental outlook) or as prep for the high profile (not to mention mandatory) American hard court season. I don’t get it.

      Then again, Federer said he was glad hard court season was over and was looking forward to clay season, so this is apparently bizarro world tennis.

      Hmmm…should I drive to Houston this weekend for the semis and finals? It might be fun now that Blah, er, Blake is out.

    • johanne says:

      Bodo’s a moron. I also love how in the middle of his quasi-attack on Rafa and the South American/Central American clay court season, he fails to mention that Rafa played (and won!) Acapulco in 2005. And yeah, like miri said, I’m guessing it’s probably more convenient to fly over to Rotterdam from Spain, instead of to another continent after just having done so for the AO. Whatever!

  5. tiemyshoe says:

    Fed got a wildcard to Monte Carlo, thus ruining my only refuge from FedAngst.

    DAMN HIM! *shakes fist*

    • miri says:

      He’s not protected from seeds as a wild card…this draw could be most interesting. When is the darn draw?

      I wonder when the last time he had to play in round one of a Masters event was?

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Actually, I think he’s still going to be seeded #2. I’m not sure how that works exactly, but I doubt he’ll be playing seeds in the early rounds.

        I’m so bitter about this. Sometimes I really hate tennis, ya know? :P

        • miri says:

          He would? That doesn’t seem fair. I thought WC slots were in addition to the seeds. Hmm. Oh well. There goes my fun.

          BTW, just checked the ATP rules and they do say: “Wild cards must be named at the time the draw is made. Wild cards may be seeded.” So, I’m sure they will seed Fed. I think if you don’t make up your mind until the last minute, you should forgo seeding privileges…but that owuld never fly since top-ranked players would probably never add a tourny at the last minute.

    • johanne says:

      It’s obvious Fed needs attention. That and POINTS! But it will only make things more interesting….VAMOS RAFA!!!