Rafa channels Marat

Posted by diegoamuy and brought to my attention by Nic in a comments thread.

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  1. shanee (sG) says:

    Holy sh*t. Rafa, no! Racquet abuse; I’m telling Toni. Aw, it was cute how he pulled back from fully throttling it down; just a light smack for Rafa (drrrty).

  2. whirling says:

    i thought uncle toni taught rafa never to throw a racquet…he won’t be pleased…

  3. nereis says:

    Well the guy has his temper! I think is cute :3

  4. Diane says:

    Let’s just hope that is the extent of the Marat channeling. I love Marat, but the erratic play and temper are not parts of the game that Rafa needs.

  1. April 1, 2009

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