Presser – March 26th

Good little boy

Good little boy

A lot of the top players gave pressers today – including Rafa. For some reason, the Miami site is posting them as pdfs. Go figure. Here ’tis.

They start off by asking him about other players’ games – namely Verdasco and Roddick. He’s never going to answer those questions how people want, why ask? Everyone’s playing good and having a good season, no?

Q. It’s Toni’s first time here for a couple of years, your coach.

RAFAEL NADAL: Since 2006.

Q. Since 2006. Your first practice with him was yesterday or today?


Q. Did he say anything to you about last week, and does he immediately try to do something…

RAFAEL NADAL: I am playing much better right now. No, come on. (laughter.)

Q. Can you see something? Does he say, I watched you on TV. Maybe you should try this or you should do that or…

RAFAEL NADAL: No, no. He came, and first day is — well, he watch me on the TV. So, yes, he was very happy about last week, about the tournament at Indian Wells.

I don’t know. He’s coming here to relax and, well, trying to continue the good work of the last week.

Interesting that Toni is in Miami. He doesn’t usually come to IW or Miami.

Billy Idol snear

Billy Idol snear

And then there’s more questions about being number 1 and the pression that causes. Silly people! Don’t they k now it’s no difference than being number 2?

Q. Andy was asked if he would rather play you or Roger. He didn’t answer. I don’t think you’re going to answer it. Who would you rather play, Andy or Roger?

RAFAEL NADAL: With who? I didn’t understand.

Q. Andy was asked who he wanted to play if he made it in the final, if it would be you or Roger. He did not answer. Who would you rather play of those two?

RAFAEL NADAL: (Through translation.) I would love to play the final is the answer, yeah. (Laughter.)

I love that answer. It’s not the first time he’s given it. Of course, it’s not the first time a reporter asked that question either.

What haven’t they asked about? Mallorca? Living with his family? Oh. The knees – of course, it’s time for a knees question.

Q. You’ve been playing a lot of hardcourt tennis recently. How does your body feel heading into the clay season? How do your knees feel?

RAFAEL NADAL: Okay. Yeah. You can see, no? Okay. I started the season really well, yeah? No problems.

And this isn’t random at all, is it?

Q. Would you prefer to go out with a girl that is in tennis, that is a tennis player, or any other girl? Just has nothing to do with it.

RAFAEL NADAL: It is not — I don’t have any preference, you know. Prefer go out with nice and funny girl. Doesn’t matter if is player or artist.

4 Responses

  1. rez says:

    Thanks a lot for the interview. I also liked Andy Murray’s interview.

  2. Debbie says:

    I LOVE this answer from Rafa which, to me, means he and Xisca are no more. I mean, everyone knows about his relationship with her…she has even been shown on national television at the matches she attends. Why would he answer this way? Frankly, I am glad…he is a 22 year old sweet, nice guy who should be enjoying his life.

  3. strobi says:

    The answer to the last question means absolutely nothing, because he has answered those questions before in the same way. He barely mentions his girlfriend at all because i believe is to shield her from being target of the paparazzi more than they already are.
    Xisca and Rafa were together still (and i believe they still are) right before the last david cup match.
    And remember when a danish newspaper hooked him up with Caroline Wozniacki? The existence of Xisca was already known by then and they still published the piece. Later Rafa said he didn’t even know the girl.

    • miri says:

      I’m with you. I don’t think it means a thing. The only time he ever mentions her at all is when he’s cornered by an interviewer.