A wee bit of doubles

Oh yeah. This isn’t exciting at all. Nothing interesting going on here. No need to broadcast this on TV. *sigh*

4 Responses

  1. tiemyshoe says:

    more excitement there than all of tursunov match. argh.

    also, that b-bros flying chest-bump is weird. as a girl, that just looks painful.

  2. Pheasant Plucker says:

    Wow. Having never seen the chest bump on video before, I’ve gotta say that stills don’t do justice to its douchyness. Ugh. I guess they needed to balance out the Rafa/Marc adorableness to prevent everyone in the crowd having cuteness-induced fits. I’m soooo hoping that Marc hangs around for the last few days of the tourney anyway; seeing him in Rafas box gives me the warm fuzzies…

  3. Ana-Spain says:

    It seems to be more exciting than the match against Tursunov!. The video’s very funny.

  4. CC says:

    Can’t beliiieeeve they didn’t broadcast that match!!! That clip gave me more excitement (tennis-wise) than the whole of Rafa’s game against Tursunov.
    The chest/belly bump looks ridiculous.