Presser transcript

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

The Indian Wells site has posted a transcript of Rafa’s Friday presser. A few excerpts:

Q. Would you mind talking about your decision to play doubles in this tournament, and how often do you play doubles?

RAFAEL NADAL: Not much. I like to play doubles, but normally it’s tough to combine doubles and singles. But here, you know, it’s two weeks tournament and you have more days off during the tournament, and, well, especially for to practice a little bit.

And at the same time, I don’t know, I play with a good friend. I enjoy playing with a good friend of mine. The season is very long, and if you have more matches it’s easier and going to be very good.

Long season plus more matches makes it easier?

Q. Is there any aspect of your game that you’re still working on? I mean, you’re No. 1. You’ve won so many tournaments. Is there any aspect you’re working on?

RAFAEL NADAL: In all. I always work on all aspects. Sure, I’m trying to play a little bit more aggressive, but all the time I try the same. Always is the same, no? Play more aggressive, serve a little bit better, be more complete player. If you can slice, you have another option. If you can go to the net, it’s another option to do.

In the end, when you have more options to do, you have (Translated from Spanish.)

THE MODERATOR: You have more options, more resources.

RAFAEL NADAL: More resources. It’s tough, no, when you have tough matches. That’s really important.

More resources is definitely a good thing.

Q. How important was that French Open final when you beat him so easy?

RAFAEL NADAL: For me, doesn’t matter, easy or tough. When you are talking about one final of Grand Slam, important thing is have the trophy at home. It’s nice to have the trophy rather than have the plate.
I know that, and win 9 6 in the fifth and win 6 3, 6 2, is the same, no?

Trophy > plate. Got it.

Q. You had a very busy weekend in Davis Cup, and a long flight here. How are you coping with jet lag? Have you been waking up early?

RAFAEL NADAL: Today, no. First day not. First two days. I return Tuesday night, and I waked up too early, 4:15.

Q. What did you do?

RAFAEL NADAL: My coach did the same, Francis. You know, it was funny because we are in a bungalow and we have a Jacuzzi outside. We go outside. I go with the towel and I saw him inside. (laughter.) Later play golf when the sun is coming.

I love how he works in that he had a towel with him.

Q. It’s been 40 years since Rod Laver won the Grand Slam, and I just wanted to get your thoughts about how difficult it is to win the Grand Slam. And was there someone in the past you thought could or should have won the Grand Slam? And then finally, what do you think about your chances of some day completing the Grand Slam?

RAFAEL NADAL: Complete the Grand Slam, four in a row?

Q. Yeah, four in a row.

RAFAEL NADAL: Always is very difficult. Everything is very difficult. What Rod Laver did was amazing. But at the same time was a little bit easier in that moment than right now, because in that moment I think they only have two different surfaces. Now we have three. Australia and US Open are not exactly the same. But anyway, we have three right now.

My chances is (holding fingers apart) really small. (Laughter.) For that reason I didn’t think of that. For sure I only think about Indian Wells. That’s important, important goal for me.

One step at a time…one step at a time.