The Balearic Islands would like to host DC

Video posted by luneworld.

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  1. Ana-Spain says:

    Who put a video in the language of Mallorca?. This may be a mess for an American .. in Spain we speak several languages: Spanish, Catalan, Majorcan, Valencian (the latter three are very similar), Galician (similar to Portuguese) and Basque (which is unlike any language and it is possible that it comes from the Caucasus ) … All this is very complicated and Rafa Nadal speak Spanish and at home with his family and friends spoke in Majorcan. Furthermore I hope that Davis can be celebrate in Mallorca! is a wonderful site. ¡You are all invited!.

    • miri says:

      luneworld often posts videos from IB3 and I always assumed they were in Catalan – but they are in Majorcan?

      It would be wonderful if the next round of DC could be held on Mallorca. Close to home for Rafa and a nice little economic boost to the area, I would think.

      • Ana-Spain says:


        (Between us) Of course, Majorcan is the same that Valencian and catalan except a few words, but for people of Majorca you NEVER CAN SAY THAT IS THE SAME LANGUAGE THAT THE CATALAN .. so it is politically more correct to speak of Catalan and Majorcan and Valencian (technically they are equal but they say that not). That is the clarification. Spain and its nationalisms. It is a little complicated for a foreigner.

  2. Ana-Spain says:

    And on the economic issue .. talking about the Balearic Islands, a place where there is much money ..(Rafa’s family had very good economic situation before he begin with tennis) and about Davis Cup you can not believe that is so necessary to the economic thrust in that site .. is a community with a lot of money .. similar to what may be the richest community of Indian Wells.