New images from EA Sports

EA Sports released some new images from their upcoming Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii. Here are the “Rafa at Wimbledon” ones.

(All images copyright EA Sports)

8 Responses

  1. tiemyshoe says:

    Aaaand my already covetous relationship with Wii goes up another notch.

    So I take it those are his Wimby threads this year? I really like the black/blue stripe down the leg. (miri, I know how much you like talking about the clothes, too, bwahahaha…)

    • miri says:

      Naughty, naughty! I have no idea if those are his actual threads or if EA Sports is guessing. It’s supposed to be coming out in June which is so close to the tournament that they would look silly if the outfit was completely wrong…right?

      I’m totally going to buy this. I shall suck at it. (I suck at Wii Sports Tennis, although I think it just doesn’t like me. I mean, I win matches but lose skill points! How is that possible?) If you can play as the characters, I would never play as Rafa – I couldn’t insult him that way. ;)

      I am rather worried about what the pollution is like in London – it must be bad to cause that pink sky…

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Wii skills make no sense. The scary thing is I did Wii fitness the other day at a friend’s house and apparently, I am around 65 years old. :O

        Now that you mention it, the pink sky’s making me slightly queasy. Maybe it’s like the sun setting or something, like Wimby Final 08? Stretch?

        I like how they sort of captured Rafa’s GAME FACE when receiving serve. “I put my eyebrows really low and you scared, no?”

  2. johanne says:

    Wii Rafa is so cute! I just hope real life Rafa’s shorts will be the shorter length we have been seeing as of late. If I don’t get the arms, I need a little leg!

  3. Babz says:

    Must. Buy. Wii.

  4. miri says:

    On the features page, they say, “Connect with other players online for new opponents and challenges.” – could we have a RafaFans online tournament?

    • Babz says:

      If you do, and I don’t have Wii by then, feel free to send an assasin after me. Or just a bottle of arsenic.

      It’d be so awesome!