Indian Wells draw & TV schedule

The draw is up! Top players in Rafa’s quarter are Tursunov, Berdych, Nalbandian, Monfils, Safin, Melzer and Del Potro. Top players in the rest of his half are Djokovic, Schuettler, Stepanek, Wawrinka, Ferrer, Fish, Kiefer and Roddick. Over all, it looks like a pretty good draw to me. Yes, there are some tough players in Rafa’s half, but he’s avoiding Simon, Tsonga, Murray, Verdasco, Gonzalez, and, of course, Fed until a possible final.

And here’s the international TV schedule so you can figure out what to set your DVRs for.

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  1. johanne says:

    I agree – looks like a good draw for our boy :) Thanks for posting this!

    Also, RANDOM question for you: Do you remember Rafa doing a charity even with Nalbandian (I think it was him) where he was introduced to this really successful/famous polo player, and Rafa like got up on the horse, wore the helmet, and attempted to play polo?? Babz and I were discussing this and she said we should ask you because you know so much stuff about Rafa! Well in any case, let me know if you know what I’m talking about, gracias :)

    • miri says:

      I don’t know if I know that much about him… ;)

      Anyway, I don’t know about a charity thing, but I ordered some old matches from Tennis Nexus awhile back and just got around to watching a few of them. One of them was Dubai 2006 and the broadcast starts off with Rafa on a polo horse! He looked very unsure trying to dismount the horse. It made me feel a bit better about my total lack of coordination and nervousness about horses. I’ll try to make a vid of it to post on YouTube.

  2. johanne says:

    Hmmm, well I def remember him looking a little nervous and unsure about the whole thing…I just thought for some reason it was with Nalby and/or in Argentina. Whatever! Sorry I keep babbling, it’s just bothering me that my memory is totally failing me :( Anyways, thanks for getting back to me!

    • miri says:

      Perhaps there were two separate polo incidents. Google is telling me he did play a charity match with Nalby at a Polo club.. And maybe a video here – I can’t watch vids at work. Darn it. They expect me to be working…

      • johanne says:

        You’re amazing! That’s totally the event I remember – thank you! The timing looks like the boys may have gone on an excursion during Miami last year. And now I’m wondering why Nalby didn’t return the favor and show up for Rafa & Iker’s charity thingamabob in December. WTF! :)

        P.S. the video didn’t work for me…but maybe I can dig something up on YouTube.

        P.P.S. Sorry for going WAY off topic from the post. But hey, it’s still about Rafa! :)

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    This draw ain’t bad at all! Murray’s quarter is a death trap. Am I bad for just wanting Fed (and Cahill) to crash out at roundabout Round 3? Kill the hype. KILL IT.

  4. Ana-Spain says:

    Hello from Spain. Just now and by chance I have seen this forum about Rafa Nadal and I must tell you that I was on the last days in Benidorm in the Davis Cup against Serbian players and I’ve been with Rafa. I know him personally and also his family. On the subject of charities works, I think you know that Rafa has a foundation and he recently organized together with goalkeeper Iker Casillas of Real Madrid soccer/football competition to fight malaria among children and he has invited some of the best sportsman in the world. I put a link

    in case you want to see it . Greetings from Spain. Now I hope Rafa wins at Indian Wells. Ana

    • miri says:

      Hello, Ana. I saw the Iker/Rafa event via a live-feed stream. It looks like a fantastic event. I will love to feature more of Rafa’s charity works, it’s just that this site only started in January and it seems he’s had to concentrate more on his job than on charities since then. :)

  5. Ana-Spain says:

    Hi Miri, it’s funny because here in Spain I have a friend (a woman) who is named as you. Her real name is Maria de los Angeles, but everyone called Miri. And Rafa is a great boy.. I know him since he was 11 years old, really a good person in addition everything that everybody knows about him. It’s very nice for us to always find new sites where there is talk of Rafa. Thank you for your work. A big hug. Ana. Ah, by curiosity, where are you physically?, California, near Indian Wells?

    • miri says:

      I’m glad you enjoy the site. Any chance you can help us with Spanish translations from time to time? ;)

      Sadly, no. If I lived there, I’d be going to the tournament! I live in Austin, Texas which is more in the central/southern part of the US. I will be going to my first tournament on Montreal later this year, though.

      • Ana-Spain says:


        But of course! .. I will be happy to help you. You have my personal email and I work permanently on a computer because I have a informatics service company, you know, services of maintenance and repair to businesses, creating and maintaining websites and sell all kinds of things relating to the subject informatic so I am “stuck” to the computer. If you need help I am delighted to be able to help. All that is to spread the image and the triumphs of our golden boy … To me he is a child yet althought he is a big man (even very tall)but has only 22 years and despite all he has done and done, you can believe it’s a boy! so naive yet! outside the tennis courts .. Moreover, I know the U.S., I’ve been many times and I have alot family and friends everywhere there .. I love going to USA but I have not saw Texas .. I am sorry. Next time maybe. About the tournaments..I usually am going to all I can (I have a bussiness). I love tennis and the level of tennis here in Spain is so high!.. many people here usually playing tennis.. I play tennis two or three times per week but I am not a professional. Well Miri, it was nice to talk to you. I am waiting for your news.. I have a lot of stories about Rafa. A big hug. Ana

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    This isn’t exactly Rafa-related, but oooooh, the Cahill-Roger breakup dramz is deeelicious. “It’s not you, it’s me” = “Can’t do all that traveling [despite the fact that I’ve been an elite coach for years and knew what this job entailed going in].” Roger even pops in with a classic “We had a good time, but it didn’t work out.” Ah, guys. You’ll always have Dubai.

    Can’t wait for the Feds presser. *munches popcorn*

    • miri says:

      It is indeed interesting. I’m with you, there’s no way Cahill didn’t understand the amount of travel involved before “the trial” period. I think they just didn’t get along.