Rafa says :P to Tipsarevic

(Photo by RTRPIX via marca.com)

(Photo by RTRPIX via marca.com)

#1 Rafael Nadal took on #47 Janko Tipsarevic in the second rubber of the Spain/Serbia tie. With Ferrer’s win, the pressure was off Rafa a bit in this match. Yes, he was expected to win, but it was no longer as crucial that he do so. So, why did he seem so grumpy during the match? Court conditions? Strings at the wrong tension? Missing an important football match? Who knows. Grumpiness didn’t stop him from dominating Tipsarevic: 6-1 6-0 6-2.

As it happened sleep-deprived match notes (they are even more boring/silly than the Ferrer notes because the match was so one-sided):

Again, too tired to type Tipsarevic over and over again. So, he shall be called Tipsy.

Aw, instead of a little bull on Rafa’s right tennis shoe, there’s a Spanish flag there.

Rafa’s first service game is a little shaky, but it’s not uncommon for him to take awhile to get going. He holds. Tipsy saves two break points in his first service game and goes on to hold. Tipsy needs some scissors…not sure what he wants to cut, though. (Oh look, the sun’s coming up here.) Rafa holds easily. He seems a bit more awake now. Oh, looks like Tipsy wanted to cut the tape on his feet. Guess it was too tight.

Tipsy starts splaying his shots like Nole and Rafa has double break point. Rafa nets the ball on the first bp, but Tipsy hits a shot long to give Rafa the break. A few errors from Rafa gives Tipsy 15-30 on Rafa’s next service game, but Rafa aces to level things at 30-all and goes on to hold – consolidating his break.

A fantastic forehand by Rafa and some unforced errors by Tipsy give Rafa a break at love in the next game – 5-1. Tipsy complains about a blister on his hand and asks for a bandage or something for it. Rafa holds at love and takes the set. (Oh, and it’s not a blister on Tipsy’s finger – he’s cut it or something and it’s bleeding.)

Rafa breaks to start set 2. Rafa holds for 2-0. Tipsy manages to save a break point on the next game, but that doesn’t stop Rafa from breaking again and going up 3-0. Rafa again looks grumpy during the change-over and spends time yacking to Costa, pointing and shrugging.

At this point, my chat with Kalliopeia started going something like this:

Kalliopeia: maybe he’s grumpy that Tipsy doesn’t have negative games, instead of zero
miri: heh.
miri: (I’m putting that in the match report)
Kalliopeia: hah okay
miri: it’s deadly boring
miri: I mean….how many times can you say, “Rafa holds; Rafa breaks”
Kalliopeia: I love clay court tennis. I love the color, and the sliding, and the longer rallies. It all makes me happy.
Kalliopeia: haha
miri: not much exciting stuff going on
Kalliopeia: yeah it’s a challenge to the creativity
miri: at least Tipsy had the decency to bleed a bit to spice things up
Kalliopeia: thoughtful of him
miri: Maybe I’ll just cut and paste this chat into it…
Kalliopeia: at least rafa’s new red and yellow shirt looks nice
Kalliopeia: and his hair isn’t annoying

Sensing we were ignoring him, Rafa got all fancy on us, went up double break point, and took the game to go up 5-0. Didn’t stop him from sounding grumpy with Costa again on the next change-over. Rafa enjoys a bagel on the next game. I start to wonder if there’s a football game Rafa’s ticked he’s missing and wants to get to.

Rafa starts the third set with an excellent scoop volley.

Kalliopeia: ooh there was a half-hearted fist pump!

Tipsy, however, ignores the teeny fist-pump of doom and holds serve.

Players and commentators are talking about the court surface being uneven. There have been some odd bounces, but it doesn’t look horrid. Perhaps the construction workers who were fixing the stands after the wind storm wreaked a little havoc on the court because the Spanish team have been talking about how perfect it is most of the week.

For a moment, Rafa doesn’t look grumpy. Then he sends a ball into the stands, takes a look at the court, and is back to looking grumpy. Tipsy just continues to look lost but does make friends with the net cord and talks it into going against the home team: break point for Serbia. Rafa hits a “saucy” volley (according to the commentator) to save the break point. Rafa again seems to blame the court for a stray shot and Tipsy has another break point. Rafa goes on to hold, though. 1-1 in the third.

Rafa almost blasts the sunglasses right off Tipsy’s face and breaks at love. Guess what he does next? Yep. Holds for 3-1.

miri: I want a bagel. Seriously. Damn match has me craving an actual bagel.
Kalliopeia: haha
Kalliopeia: we usually have bagels. I think we have english muffins instead now though
miri: I have….nothing
miri: well, i do have oatmeal
miri: oh, and frosted mini-wheats…but I already munched on some of those
miri: around….5am
Kalliopeia: oatmeal is good with apples and honey in it
miri: but it’s not a bagel
Kalliopeia: true, it is certainly not a bagel.

Rafa must be bored too – he clapped one of Tipsy’s shots and gave up on a line call – thus letting Tipsy hold for the third time in the match. (I’m starting to worry there won’t be any match photos posted before the match is finished. What will I have to decorate this boring post with?) Rafa holds. Rafa breaks. 5-2 in the third – Rafa to serve for the match. And he does.

4 Responses

  1. Kalliopeia says:

    I love that you included our scintillating oatmeal vs bagel conversation.

    I wish I’d seen the Ferrer match, but I don’t get up at 4 am for many people. Sorry Ferru.

  2. johanne says:

    Rafa DID seem grumpy during the match! But then he seemed fine during the lametown on-court interviews immediately following. WTF! Whatever, that was a total beatdown…sort of embarrassing for Tipsy :(