Rafa wants a quickie

Photo by EFE

Photo by EFE

According to SportsYa – “Nadal targets quick triumph” – Rafa is hoping that he won’t have to play Djokovic in this weekend’s DC tie. Why? It would mean that Spain has already clinched it.

“I hope not to meet him for it would mean we won the series 3-0; yet, I think it won’t be like this, and we’ll be there on Sunday,” Nadal remarked.

When he was told Serbia captain Bogdan Obradovic said he has the key to defeat him, Nadal answered with irony. “If he knows me well, he should do something about it.”

“We’ll enter the court with determination; luckily, I’ve got on well on clay, so I hope to keep having this positive streak,” Nadal added.

ReyesVB has posted two videos about the press conference.