Gearing up for the Davis Cup

Is everyone getting ready for the Davis Cup this weekend? In the US, you’ll need to set your alarms because things start at 5am EST on Friday. Friday will feature Rafa playing either Troicki or Tipsarevic and Djokovic playing either Ferrer or Robredo. The order of play isn’t known yet. If Djokovic and Rafa are to play each other, it would be on Sunday.

Djokovic has proven that he’s a bit smarter than the Serbian coach by saying that Spain is a favorite to win.

The last of the Spanish Armada has arrived and the team has been busy preparing. Rain kept them from practicing too much today, however. Here are some pictures from more successful practice sessions:

Feel free to rub Rafa’s tummy to help bring the team some luck. (Photos by EFE/Morell)

Here’s advert to get you pumped up and ready:

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  1. tiemyshoe says:

    *rubs Rafa’s belly vigorously*