Play with Rafa


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No, not that way! Coming in June to the Wii – EA Sports’ Grand Slam Tennis. This is no Wii Sports Tennis, it looks to be a full featured tennis game with greater control of your player and Sims of tour pros playing true to their real-life model’s style.

Game Highlights:

  • Total Racket Control
    Swing the racket like a Grand Slam champion by performing real life tennis strokes as your actions are seen virtually.
  • Pick Up and Play
    If you can swing a racket, you can start playing at any Grand Slam venue as your own created player or as one of the many licensed current stars and legends.
  • Grand Slam Career
    For added depth and complexity, take your created player on the journey to win the four Grand Slams. Only a select group of pros have completed the elusive Grand Slam and now for the first time, gamers can take up the same challenge.
  • Venues
    As the only video game licensed to feature Wimbledon, users can play all four Grand Slams. Authentic stadiums and venues are recognizable as the real grounds.
  • Wii MotionPlus™
    One of the first video games compatible with Wii MotionPlus, taking the authentic one-to-one motion to a new level. Spin your racket and control your in-game player with exact precision.
  • Shot Types
    Highly responsive system detects a variety of shots.
  • Challenges
    In your quest to win each Grand Slam, conquer the various challenges to accumulate more skills for your created player.
  • Online
    Connect with other players online for new opponents and challenges. More details to come!
  • Player Styles
    Licensed pros play true to their actual playing styles, including all-court, defensive baseliner, offensive baseliner, and serve and volley.

(Found via Tennishead.)

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  1. Babz says:

    LOL love that little figure! The shorts is too long though.

  2. somarem says:

    Babz is right short is to long and it’s not “bedazzled” by lime green dots.