Flashback Friday

Not much going on publicly in Rafaland lately. Rafa should be heading to Benidorm tomorrow to prepare for Davis Cup.

In the mean time, he’s a cute video of 12 year old Rafa playing some tennis, losing and giving an interview. It’s so funny to see the current adult in the child that was. At 12 he already looks bored with interviewer’s questions and has the eyebrow and “pfftth” answers down. I do think my favorite thing, however, is the super-cheesy background music.

Look at him coming to the net and popping a nice volley into the corner. Awww.

I tried to find the version of this I found awhile ago to link to because it had a translation of the interview as well. But that one appears to have been taken down. I seem to remember bits like:

He lost today, but no biggie – he’s played better.
He goes to school in the morning and plays tennis in the afternoon.

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2 Responses

  1. CC says:

    Thanks Miri, I love this! Sou cute.
    And the cheesy background music is a classic.
    Yep, he says he goes to school between 8am-2pm and then from 4pm-8pm he plays tennis. Tough schedule for a 12-year-old, but it paid off!

  2. miri says:

    I feel like I’m playing the Sims when I hear that music.

    Thanks for the confirmation on the schedule. That’s a long day for a 12 year old – and it doesn’t include homework and Playstation time!