Injury update

(AP Photo/Ermindo Armino)

(AP Photo/Ermindo Armino)

There’s a lot of articles floating about today about the injury that Rafa was dealing with in the Rotterdam final. The news is sounding promising. This AP article seemed to sum-up things the best:

Spanish star Rafael Nadal could skip Dubai tournament, not Davis Cup

“It’s not the knee, so there’s no worry about that,” Nadal said at a sponsors event. “I’m sure I will recover quickly. It’s nothing similar to last year. It’s a lot less worrisome, let’s hope.”

Nadal said he would play for defending champion Spain against Serbia in the Davis Cup from March 6-8 – barring injury – but couldn’t confirm he would participate in the Dubai Tennis Championships, which start next Monday.

Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, the Spain team doctor, said Nadal had strained a ligament below the knee against Murray but that the injury was not severe and that he should recover quickly.

“It’s a result of a combination of things, from fatigue to the change of playing surface,” Ruiz-Cotorro said. “There are few tennis players who don’t go out onto the court without some kind of nag, or problem.”

Ruiz-Cotorro said that Nadal’s off-season regimen meant he was better prepared for this season then in the past when a lengthy calendar often left the 22-year-old battered at the end of the season.

“He’s taken a longer break coming in. He’s better prepared than ever,” Ruiz-Cotorro said.