More on drug testing

(Photo from Reuters)

(Photo from Reuters)

Article and video about Rafa’s concerns with the drug testing rules.

“They make you feel like a criminal. Not even my mother knows where I am every day. I am the first one who wants fair competition, completely clean competition for everybody. But it is very difficult to know where you want to be tomorrow, especially in a sport like tennis.”

And in this this article, Gilles Simon joins Rafa and Murray in complaining.

The French world No8 Simon almost missed an out-of-competition test while at home in Paris. “I rescheduled a training session at Roland Garros and went to the zoo with my girlfriend, but I was called by the controller and just returned in time,” he said.

And, lastly, Serena joins in.

“It’s too much,” she said. “If I want to go on vacation to Barbados for one day, I shouldn’t have to say I’m going to Barbados.

“I’m always complaining to my agents. I never tell people where I am, because I like to do my own thing.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rule operates on a ‘three strikes and out’ basis over a period of 18 months, and Williams revealed that she had already fallen foul of the legislation.

“One time, I was out at dinner and someone turned up at my house to test me. I think I might even have got a strike.”