Feb 10 press roundup

(Foto NRC Handelsblad, Rien Zilvold)

(Foto NRC Handelsblad, Rien Zilvold)

Everyone getting ready for tomorrow’s match? Remember, it’s scheduled to start at 7:30pm Rotterdam time which is 1:30pm EST.

‘Zowel mentaal als fysiek ben ik vaak gesloopt’ (Google translation)

“I’m almost always tired,” sighed the Spaniard after his loss (with compatriot Ignacio Coll-Riudavets) on the opening day of the ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam.

Andy Murray tips Nadal to become best ever tennis player – and wreck Federer’s dream

“Nadal could go on to be the best of all time. For sure he’s going to be one of the best and Federer’s very close to becoming the best of all time, so there’s two unbelievable players.”

Emilio Sánchez Vicario: “No se puede ser más grande que Rafa Nadal” (Google translation)

Former Davis Cup captain Spanish, Emilio Sanchez Vicario said, “can not be bigger than Rafa Nadal, and to be sure of Manacor can win the U.S. Open,” and even “the four Grand Slam this year “After the triumph in Australia.

El Rey felicita a Nadal por el partidazo y por su categoría humana (Google translation)

The King has telephoned the tennis player Rafael Nadal today to congratulate him on his “partidazo” to the Swiss Roger Federer in the final of the Australia Open, and has praised its “human level” by the warm words he addressed to his rival after winning .

Federer still trying to break the Rafa code

Is the inequity between them driving Federer crazy? Well, we know for sure he has shed a few tears. Here are 10 essential ingredients Rafael Nadal has that Roger Federer doesn’t.