Feb 9 press roundup

(Photo from the official Rotterdam site)

(Photo from the official Rotterdam site)

It’s been a few days – not a lot of news, so I decided to save things up.

Survivor: Melbourne

With his legs feeling like cinderblocks, Nadal spent most of his off-day in his hotel room, recuperating and watching that noted motivational sports flick…. The Bridges of Madison County.

The Bridges of Madison County? Are you serious?

Nadal helping hand in doubles falls short for Mallorcan mate

He was also trying to help his 21-year-old friend and fellow Mallorcan Ignacio Coll-Ruidavets, with whom he frequently trains.

“I also want to help a young player from Mallorca,” said Nadal, whose Australian Open crown over Roger Federer marked his sixth Grand Slam and first on hardcourt.

“I trained all of December with him, he helped me prepare for Australia. I was trying to help him here.”

Re the ever-present Fed question:

“When someone has 13 Grand Slams and 14 Masters titles, there is no discussion about who is the best. I’m a bit tired of this question.”

You go, Rafa. I’d get tired of answering the same questions over and over again too.

As a match loser, Nadal was one of five players who had to queue up for drug testing, creating a backup which left second seed Andy Murray uncomfortably prevented by testers from going to the toilet for at least 90 minutes after his own doubles loss until he could be tested in turn.

The testers were lucky they didn’t have a puddle problem!

You can feel the ‘buzz’ in Ahoy as Nadal plays – via Google translations

After his triumph at Wimbledon was Nadal’s career developed rapidly, said Costa. “At Wimbledon, his life changed. Since Rafa finally charged with the bias that he could win only on gravel. It was a mental breakthrough. “

Lessons Learned From Rafael Nadal

Most importantly, he never cracked. Nadal just doesn’t screw up. He just keeps plugging away, never gets angry or frustrated, never throws away games.

The greatest ever?

So let me now say it unequivocally: Rafael Nadal is certain to break Sampras’/Federer’s record for career Grand Slam titles. He will go down as the greatest tennis player in history. You heard it here first.