Chat bomb

Well, it looks like Rafa fans overloaded the chat server. I managed to get in a few times, but it was touch and go. Here’s a transcript of what I could see and a few photos. Perhaps more to come later…but I have to get back to work!

chat3 chat2 chat1 chat4

moderator Welcome everybody !
: Chat will start in 30 minutes
moderator: Be patient !!
-= Rafa =- Hola a todos !!
-= Rafa =- I am very happy to share one hour with all of you my best fans !
-= Rafa =- Holaaaaaa
-= Rafa =- I am very happy to share one hour with all of you my best fans !

Pre-registered question (Holly): HI Rafa, I’m wondering what you think your best characteristics are. What you like most about yourself. Thank you for all the great tennis!

-= Rafa =- Well I dont know really. I dont normally talk about myself

Nadal46: hi, thanks for be here! as we all know you are an hard worker can I ask you how many hours do you practice in the day?

-= Rafa =- it all depends on what stage of the season

-= Rafa =- pre season, 7 to 8 hours a day, during a tournament, if I am not playing that day, I practice twice

orsi Rafa, who do you like most in the world of tennis?

-= Rafa =- I have a lot of respect for everybody, I have some friends like Feliciano Lopez, Carlos Moya, Pico Monaco

Pre-registered question (yoshikawa): In Japan when you come is the hottest topic. You know, Roger has come to Japan 3 times as a #1 player. So, could please come to Japan this year ?

-= Rafa =- you all know I like japanese food, so, that’s also something to consider for me…but I don’t really know if I will have the time to to go anytime soon

wozza91 hey rafa, i love your tennis, its so exciting, i base my game on yours, what age did you realise you had a chance to make it professional in tennis?

-= Rafa =- I always loved to do sport, and was practicing hard when I was young; at some point I had to decide to do it professionaly and I think I was 12 y/o

-= Rafa =- ;)

-= Rafa =- :E

tenacatita: What do you feel during a break point against you?

-= Rafa =- I always go point by point and break point against is a always a special moment so I try to be very focused and especially very organized in my game

Pre-registered question (Juanfra) Why do you use the aeroprodrive?

-= Rafa =- I always liked this racket, it helps my game, it has a lot of power and I can better control my spin; for me, it’s the perfect racquet!

Filip: you cry after you lose a match?

-= Rafa =- yes, I used to cry a lot; I remember crying after losing in Wimbledon 2 years ago but I also remember crying after the semi final when I won


-= Rafa =- I keep all all my trophies, huge and small in a room I have at home where I also have a little Gym

jenny_90: rafa, what is your favourite food?

-= Rafa =- seafood, fish and pastas

Megumi: Do you like dragon ball ? Why?

-= Rafa =-: I can tell you know me because I love dragon ball, I have all the dvd and I travel with most of them

Pre-registered question (striquigneaux) Which part of your game would like to improve ?

-= Rafa =- I always to improve everything; it’s easy to say but difficuly to do but clearly my serve is something I am trying to improve

wintergirl: Which season do you like best? why?

-= Rafa =- I like the sun…I am form Mallorca, so I am lucky that our sport is mostly played during summer

sotiacy: hi rafa! when did you start using babolat rackets and why?

-= Rafa =- I always played with Babolat, since I was a little kid. I saw Carlos (Moya) playing with it, so, i always played Babolat

orsi: what do you like doing in your free time? how do you relax?

-= Rafa =- I love to be at home with family, friends and to go and play golf, go fishing…just the normal things of a 22 y/o

Pre-registered question (Elow) What do you prefer for this year : win your 5nd Roland Garros title or your 2nd Wimbledon title ?

-= Rafa =- I always try to give my best at every tournament; clearly I would like to win any of those…it’s very difficul but I can assure you I will try

Codrin: What kind of strings do you use? What tension?

= Rafa =- I play 25kg in Australia but sometimes I play 25,5 kg

ayaris3: how many strung racquets do you carry in your bag for any given match?

-= Rafa =- I have normally 6

NaSch84: I love my babolat racket, too. Are you involved in enginneering of new babolat rackets?

-= Rafa =- I normally give feed back to Jean Christophe from Babolat about the performances and if I have any issues, we work them out

Nadal46 to wich address can I send a fanmail for you?

-= Rafa =- I have my website where you can send questions…I cannot read them all but sometimes I do reply to a few questions

Pre-registered question (vkaiser) Do you think you can win the 4 Grand Slams in a row?

-= Rafa =- this is something very difficult and definitively not an immediate goal; a lot of people is talking about it but as I always say, I go tournament by tournament


-= Rafa =- I have many things..actually too many because it very heavy but i carry strings, my I Pod, my wallet, some extra shirts to play

Alexa: What kind of music are you listening and wich is your favorite song?

-= Rafa =- my favorite band is La Oreja de Van Gogh. I like all their songs

Pre-registered question (MICHY22) IF RAUL GONZALES BLANCO,ASK YOU TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY TENNIS,CAUSE HE NEEDS YOUR HELP IN REAL MADRID (the team is a little in trouble this year,we know…),WHAT DO YOU ANSWER???

-= Rafa =- I say “no, thank you”…I would love to because I love football but I am a tennis player…not a football player and they know better than me what to do

nadal46: where do your rackets go when you don’t use them anymore?I mean old ones?because many fans like me would be glad to have your old rackets!

-= Rafa =- I normally give them to my team and they use them for Charity purposes. I also keep those special ones for me such as they won big tournaments etc

kozari: If the Mallorca plays against the Real Madrid, which one do you support to?

-= Rafa =- I am supporter of both so in that case I will support whoever needs it more

Cloudy: I am going to Mallorca in a few weeks. What is a must do while I am there?

-= Rafa =- enjoy the all island, there are many things to do and when I am there, I enjoy every minute; it will depend what you like and what you are looking for

Pre-registered question (tenniswendy) Hello Rafa. Please tell me about your experience of playing tennis left-handed while being otherwise right-handed. I find it fascinating. My mom and I love watching you play. Thank-you very much for bringing your firey energy to the game we love! Wendy

-= Rafa =- as you know, I use to play with 2 hands until I was 11

-= Rafa =- then my uncle told me at some point that I had to play with 1 hand forehand and I chose left

Pre-registered question (Mary) What is more important to you, representing your country, Spain, in Davis Cup, or playing as an individual in Grand Slams?

-= Rafa =- representing my country is very important and for me, I am very proud of it; at some point playing individual in GS is also a way of reprensenting my country, but i miss the team spirit that I enjoy so much

Mityu Are you happy with you Fans?

-= Rafa =- for sure! it is really great the way I feel treated by them


-= Rafa =- yes it is funny when you see him with a hat, in an indoor tournament but he is promoting a foundation

AyKa Rafa thank you for finding time for your fans 0:) you do so much for us, what could we (fans) do for you?

-= Rafa =- thank you for being here ;)

Pre-registered question (gerard) what is your favorite video game?

-= Rafa =- pro evolution soccer, I play all the time and it is the only video game I play

MichelaMichela: Dear Rafa, I’ve been watching your interviews in Spanish to help me in my Spanish class, and was wondering when you started learning English? I Love you Rafa!

-= Rafa =- I actually never started learning English. my first appearences where funny and the press conferences were followed by many just to listen to my English but I believe I have improved a lot and that’s because I am travelling

Pre-registered question (goldenseal) How often do you get time to look at your messages from fans on facebook, and you tube?

-= Rafa =- I don’t have facebook and I don’t look on u tube for me. I do chekc out my web and answer some messages

Pre-registered question (Olguitina) Hello Rafa! Would you like in the future gives tennis classes to the children?

-= Rafa =- yes I love children!

Cloudy: Will you keep blogging during the Slams?

-= Rafa =- yes but it’s something that takes a lot of time. sometimes I failed to write it so I have to think about it…but initially yes

Pre-registered question (thebest90) What is your best moment of the last year?

-= Rafa =- I was lucky and I had many good moments..I don’t know if I should point out one, clearly my 4th consecutive Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Olympics gold medal and the Davis Cup (Semis) were important moments but i should alos point out that every win was important because they came at key moments of the year

Megumi: It is 3:51 AM in Japan. I’m so sleepy… How about you?

-= Rafa =- thanks for being there…hope you don’t have to work tomorrow ;)

shamika Hola Rafa, do you prefer to play during the day or at night?

-= Rafa =- I normally prefer day session but I understand that tournaments give importance to nights sesisions, maybe not the one so late like in Melbourne…they shoul look at that

orion_soy: Hi Rafa, I love tennis and I love your tennis since forever..Ive been playing tennis since I was little and now Im taking tennis classes and I would like to be a good tennis player ( I’m a spanish Girl ;) ) What advice would you give me to rich my goal?

-= Rafa =- the most important thing is to have fun, enjoy and then, work hard and have a little bit of luck

Pre-registered question (Maxcanto) If you must choose a record, it would be the most longer world number one of the history or the record of the most victories in grand slams ? thank’s rafa

-= Rafa =- I just focus on what I have to do, keep improving and fighting every point…I don’t think about records

MichelaMichela: Thank you Rafa for answering my question! I left school early to come in this site, but i stayed for Spanish class :) Vamos!! Love, Michela

-= Rafa =- muchas gracias Michela!

jalvarez: Hi Rafa I?m Jose from Mexico, Just want to said thanks a lot for all the greats moments to give us, your tennis fans, wish you the best look for the rest of the season and have a better year than 2008

Nadal46: do you like the vines(music band)?if you don’t know them you should hear the song “ride”!

-= Rafa =- gracias Tocayo

Pre-registered question (Justme) Is is true your parent’s restaurant is under your apartment?

-= Rafa =- no, my father and some of my uncles own it but it is not in Manacor

x-vix-x thanks rafa for the amazing tennis moments and for talking to your fans it makes you the best tennis player :D

-= Rafa =- thanks

l_mc You rock, rafa!

Kamera Thanks for being a great inspiration!

Ahmed99 thanks Rafa for your time and best Luck for the rest of the season .. we all love u

Codrin: Thanks for being with us. Hope to hear from you soon and good lu ck for the season!!!

adriencruiziat: Thank you Rafa for all the positive energy you give to your fans ! Congratulations and the best luck for you!

Blue: Thank you Rafa for all the positive energy you give to your fans ! Congratulations and the best luck for you!

yoavk321: Thanks rafa

-= Rafa =- to always enjoy, to be organized and if I lose…I lose….and the sun will raise again the following days..not big deal

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