All work and no play

Arriving at the Palma airport. (AP Photo/Manu Mielniezuk)

Arriving at the Palma airport. (AP Photo/Manu Mielniezuk)

Rafa’s final AO blog is up at the Times Online site.

I got to the hotel at around 3.30 am. The work doesn’t finish on court with the prize giving ceremony… After that a lot of things are still happening: TV interviews, Anti-Doping Control, press conference, more TV interviews, radio interviews, live interviews with some radios in Spain and finally back to the locker room to celebrate with my team. We had some sparkling wine there and we celebrated a bit. We also brought in the Spanish media reps tha travelled all the way to Melbourne and stayed there these weeks with us.

As I say I got back to hotel at around 3.30am and I know that Benito, my PR guy, had a party ready at a local club. We thought about going but I had something to eat and had to do massage or I would have been really tired. So we decided to stay in the room. It as around 4.30am and anyway the club was closed then. So we stayed and watched some football on TV. There was nothing we could do. It was too late!!! We ate and simply stayed there.

Well, that sounds exciting and glamorous, no? (Yeah, no.)

I had to wake up pretty early since had to do more press. The Spanish media came to the hotel and I talked to them. Also to Neil Harman from this newspaper. Then the official photo with the trophy that you have probably seen in the paper. Then more one on ones. After that we went back to the hotel and had lunch at my favorite restaurant. We ate Japanese and then went back to the room to get all the luggage ready. Lots of bags, lots of them. Got to the airport and here I am. I am getting back home after 30 hours traveling…

Having seen pictures of him schlepping luggage through airports, I certainly trust that “lots of bags” line.

Anyway, he’s back home and going to enjoy a few days off (or just two-thirds of one, but I’m betting on two-three instead). I’m sure this will involve a lot of fishing, swimming and golf.