Party on, dude

Perhaps Rafa had even more reasons to be tired for that trophy photoshoot…he had a bit of party and didn’t leave until 5:30am. (Granted, he didn’t get to go to the party until 4am, so just an hour and a half of celebrating.)

The superstar Spaniard wrapped up his post-final press conference at 2.15am yesterday, had a quick rub-down at Melbourne Park and headed to the bar at 4am.

Sources said Nadal’s management requested the bar be closed for the celebration, and that there be no cameras or camera phones used inside.

According to a spy, Nadal and his coach, his uncle Toni Nadal, were joined by a small group of guests and they celebrated his epic win with rounds of vodka and sodas.

Gossip or truth? Not that Rafa doesn’t deserve to have a celebration after his win, but I tend to doubt any article that includes phrases like, “According to a spy.”