V is for Victory

A happy boy and his cup (Photo by WILLIAM WEST/ AFP/ Getty Images)

A happy boy and his cup (Photo by WILLIAM WEST/ AFP/ Getty Images)

That was quick – a blog post on Rafa’s official site. Too bad he doesn’t seem to remember who he played in the finals of the Olympics. I guess we can forgive him, though. Then again, he doesn’t actually say he beat him. Maybe he did actually “bit” him in a part of the medal ceremony we didn’t see.

When I finally celebrated my last point I felt something I’ve never felt before, it was a more peaceful victory compared to the one in Roland Garros and Wimbledon but at the same time, it was come completed. And I know why it was that way.

I grew up as a clay-courter and my style of game adapted to that: I learned to push my opponents out of the court and that made me wear out my physic with some much running around and long rallies.

But my uncle Tony and I knew that my game had to have more dimensions to it so that I could have the same kind of results on other surfaces. I had to change my game radically, more direct and aggressive. I had to improve my service as well and control my game when going up to the net. Make my shots flatter and my volley more accurate.

We had lots of work ahead of us for sure.

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  1. miri says:

    Looks like they’ve corrected the entry to say that he played Gonzalez in the final.