Post-match presser

(Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

(Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

The post-match presser is up at the Australian Open site.

Q. Number six Grand Slam. How special is that one for you?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, very special, no, for me. Is a dream win here, one Grand Slam on hard court. I worked very hard the last ‑‑ well, all my life for improve the tennis outside courts, well, outside of clay.

Very happy, no? Very happy for the title. Today was really lot of emotions on court. I was there with the best player I ever saw, like is Roger.

My uncle always told me Rod Laver was the best because he win two times the Grand Slam, the whole Grand Slam, the four in a row, and for like six or seven years he didn’t play. So for that reason he can be.

Everything was very special. Sorry was tough moment for Rog today. I know how tough must be there in important situation from him. But, you know, no, he’s a great champion. He’s the best. And he’s, for sure, very important person for our sport, no?

So sorry for him, but at the same time congratulate him for everything.

Q. How much trouble were you in in the third set when you had the treatment? How did you feel then?

RAFAEL NADAL: I end the match against Verdasco with the leg ‑ right leg ‑ the quadriceps and hamstring very tight. In the third set started to pushing, no? No cramping, but was scarey, no?

Well, I just ask for the trainer. Thank you very much to Paul, the trainer. Well, I didn’t want to take the three minutes because I thought if the match is longer, I gonna take the three minutes later. I just want to make sure have the time for later if I need. Just put some cream, try to relax a little bit. That’s it.

Q. Did it go away completely?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, no. Was there, no? But, well, that doesn’t affect.

I think that Rafa should give this trophy to his physio.

Q. Some double‑faults.

RAFAEL NADAL: Double‑faults? How many?

Q. Four.

RAFAEL NADAL: Four in four hours and a half I think is not bad.

No, no. Well, I understand your point. Well, maybe I have to try to put the ball little bit to the side more than the speed, no? Because if Roger touch the ball with the forehand, the return with the second serve, he gonna kill me, no?

So I just tried to put the ball on the backhand so I have a little bit more control with less speed. But, anyway, I didn’t have the control of that, for sure.

More than the double faults, it was his first serve percentage that was killing me when I was watching the match.

Q. What do you think made the difference at the end of the match? Was it more a physical battle or a mental battle?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know, no. I think he had more mistakes than me in the fifth. I was more solid than Roger on the fifth. For that reason I won the match, no?

In the game when I had the first break, he has one mistake with the important ‑‑ important mistake with the backhand on the breakpoint. That was very important for me.

Q. You saved 13 breakpoints. I mentioned it to Federer. He said, I wish I was a lefty. Do you think it’s an advantage to be a lefty? Also, have you ever wished to be right‑handed in some situations?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I happy with myself, no (smiling)? Is okay.

And, you know…he is right handed. Fed could have done the same thing. ;)

Q. You proved yourself as a true king.

RAFAEL NADAL: Oh, no, no. Well, the true, no. I don’t know. I just win for sure an important title for my careera. But I no better five hours before than now, no? That’s the true, no?

When you win an important match, but you have to know before the match who you are and after the match you have to know who you are, too. You are the same, no?

And that? Is what makes Rafa stand out from so many others.

Q. Were you worried the toll of the game on Friday would have on you today, or did you believe you were fit?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, little bit, no. Little bit tired. I was little bit worried about the physical performance because I practiced and was tough to keep the concentration, no?

But I spoke with the coach, before all the match, with Toni. He told me, Anyway, you go there and fight all the time and believe on the victory all the time. I think that’s what I did in the end. Was good.

Q. You played Roger so many times. What did he do well against you today and what did he do not as well?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I think he played inside, especially in some moments with the backhand, trying to put the ball ‑‑ well, go inside the court with the backhand. So that’s was tough for me, no?

Well, the worse thing, the fifth set, maybe he had more mistakes than usual.

Q. Did you worry at all about the new clothes? Did you worry about being able to win with the new clothes?

RAFAEL NADAL: I was completely worried about that (smiling). I thought I lost the power with the new (laughter). C’mon.

Snarky Rafa! I love it. And seriously, people just need to get over the whole clothes thing.

3 Responses

  1. Manhattan says:

    Federer said, I wish I was a lefty

    Such a bitchy man! I hate him.
    Always he has an excuse!
    It’s a pity that Rafa loves him so much!

  2. miri says:

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a pity – I think it’s part of what makes Rafa Rafa. He can compete with someone and still respect them – win or lose – and doesn’t feel the need to make cutting comments to boost his own ego.

  3. Manhattan says:

    Yup. you’re right. That is the difference between Rafa and somebody like Rog.