Here, have a wombat

(Photo by PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images)

Have a wombat! (Photo by PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images)

I love the expression on the kid’s face.

I totally want one of these wombats! Why aren’t these for sale on the Australian Open site? Although, having one might not be as much fun as saying, “Wombat.”

2 Responses

  1. sonja says:

    OMG I love those wombats!! It totally cracked me up when Rafa sort of took it into a headlock because his hands were busy holding the giant trophy. :D

    BTW Miri, I just discovered your blog via Babz of EL TORO, and I love it!

  2. miri says:

    I loved it when he crammed it down into the trophy – I just imagine he was trying to make sure all of his trophy photos didn’t include fuzzy wombat ears.

    Thanks for the nice words about the site!