Understated, as usual

Rafa has a new entry up on his official site blog – It will be difficult.

It’s incredible that after today we would have played together in all the (Grand Slam) finals but one. It will be unreal for me as well because we all know he’s the best tennis player of all time.

This final will be particularly special because it is my first in Melbourne and it will be really hard. I am really excited but somewhat tired from the Friday match against Nando Verdasco. Let’s see how it all turns out.

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  1. Delta says:

    Can tell I’m just a little bit too excited to see our Rafa no? Watching tape of AO final as speak, have to have my ‘Rafafix”, situation recalls for “much ado about nothing” so of course will check out all I missed on “archives” OMG agree, he’s so complementary always to Federer, just his sweet disposition & why we love that doll, besides the obvious!
    How it turned out? We all know…. freakin’ fantastic, especially seeing his massive match w/Nando, that was as great as this one! Oh how he entertains us! This one so sweeeeeeet as his 1st “hard court Major”
    “V”!!! Seems sooooo long ago, that’s what his absence does to us, no? Find myself using Rafa’s cute
    vocab & not only to you all. LOL! Funny as caught myself answering Q from daughter, “Mum what time is it? My A was, “its Rafatime” Reply? “what else” LOL
    Crowd sooooooo for “our Rafa”! What an applause he will recieve in Montreal! Miri, have the time of your life! PS. Remember to breathe….. He does tend to take our breathe away, no?