Recipes and pressure

(Photo by WILLIAM WEST/ AFP/ Getty Images)

(Photo by WILLIAM WEST/ AFP/ Getty Images)

The most recent Herald Sun Q&A is up.

You mentioned that you cook for your team when you play Wimbledon, since you stay in a private house rather than a hotel.

Can you please share your recipe for “gambas con arroz”? That’s what you ate last year before the final of the century, and us fans really want to eat whatever you are cooking!

Love your new look!


I never do arroz con gambas. I do pasta with gambas and mushrooms. It’s too long to explain, sorry. Actually there was a book published in Spain, with all the money from it going to charity that I gave the recipe to. Thanks for the new look comment. I also like it.


My question is this. In the off season do you do any running to improve stamina? If so, is it sprint training for on court speed or distance for stamina? Would you run a marathon one day?

Sam, York. England

Many thanks. I don’t think I would ever run a marathon, but you never know. During the off season I do more speed running but also some distance. Not much, though. I do more cycling.

Hey Rafa,
We have been watching most of the games during the Open and a few of us were wondering why most players opted to recieve at the start of the match after winning the coin toss?
From Andrew, Mel and Wazz

Well, when I started on the circuit, everyone was choosing to serve and I always wanted to return first. My reasoning was I wanted to get an early break.


I couldn’t help wondering, what is the strangest or most enjoyable thing you have had to do as part of your promotional duties (such as playing tennis in a swimming pool)? Best wishes for ’09.

Wow this is a difficult one. I have had many great moments. Last year I went to the top floor of the Burj Dubai hotel. I have been lucky to do many things that I enjoyed.


¡Hola Rafa! ¿que tal? I’m just wondering, do King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia personally gets in touch with you and congratulate you after you win a grand slam event or when you won Olympic gold? If so, how do you feel and is it a long chat?
Gary – Perth, WA

Yes, I was lucky to be with the Queen in Beijing and have met the King on several occasions. They are always very supportive and great. Also the Prince has called me a few times and came to Wimbledon this year. It was really emotional for me.

I’m a keen tennis player who has serious hopes to be a pro tennis player when I’m older (probably not as good as you, though).

I compete regularly in tournaments but I am forever winning but letting the opponent to catch up. As this has been happening for a while, a lot of pressure and expectation is being put on me. I think my problem is mental but I’m not sure.

I am desperate to make a breakthrough but I have run out of answers. Who better to ask that the best in the world? Have you got any advice for me? Anyway, best of luck with the open, show everyone why your the best in the world!!
From Christian

PLEASE ENJOY WHAT YOU DO. Don’t put pressure on yourself and just play, think on every point what you need to do to win it and enjoy. That’s my best advice.