Too darn hot

Hot! (Photo by ANTONY DICKSON/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Hot! (Photo by ANTONY DICKSON/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Today’s Times Online blog is up.

Today I want to explain to you the extreme heat we had. It was great to play with the roof closed. I know some people are against that but I can tell you that to play out there today with that heat would have been almost criminal. I went to practice at 4.30 pm and believe me when I say my feet were literally burning. IT was very, very hot. I was only warming up, oh well, just to be out there was warm, but you know what I mean. I was hitting and my feet were really hurting because of the heat. I could not imagine going out there today and play.

I understand the roof makes a different game but the health of the players is also important.

Regarding the match, I knew it would be as it was, very difficult and had very clear the tactic I had to play. IT worked well and managed to win. Gilles already beat me in Madrid at the end of last year and remember that’s home for me to play. In front of my fans, my crowds and playing good tennis. As I say it worked well so I am happy.