Jan 27 press roundup

Here’s some reading material while waiting for the Simon match.

Rod Laver a devoted Dokic fan

Laver believes Nadal is probably the greatest talent in the game. “It’s just amazing what he can do on a clay court,” he said.

“And now he’s doing it on grass and on hard courts.

“In his own right, he’s a great champion.”

Nadal striving for tennis perfection

Nadal has been in sublime touch en-route to the last eight at Melbourne Park, conceding just 28 games in compiling a ridiculous 6-2 6-2 6-3 average winning scoreline in his first four rounds.

Come On Guys, Smarten Yourselves Up!!

Now take a look at Rafael Nadal. You could dress him in old newspapers and he would look great. When he speaks it’s with passion and keeps the viewer hooked on what he will say next.