Post-match presser

(AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

Serving it up (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

A transcript of Rafa’s post-match presser is up on the Australian Open site.

Q. You’re yet to lose a set. After today’s match, how far from your top are you?

RAFAEL NADAL: You never know, no? I don’t know. I am playing well. Happy for how I am playing for sure.

But, you know, I am playing well, but you never know if gonna be enough. So I hope continuing play like this, and later we will see, because all the matches are very, very difficult. Next match going to be very tough. I have to be ready for everything.

Q. Was today’s performance your best one of the tournament so far?

RAFAEL NADAL: I play very well last night, too ‑ two nights ago. So I think I played well all the matches. Only the second one a little bit worst. The rest I am very happy how I played. And today I think I played well. Very solid match from the baseline. Playing very good forehands, backhands. I am improving when the tournament is coming all the time.

Maybe the only thing today I can improve a little bit more for sure is the serve. Today I not a hundred percent happy with my serve. Wasn’t very bad, but I think I was serving better the last matches.


Q. How difficult is the shadow that comes across the court?

RAFAEL NADAL: That’s terrible. That’s terrible, no? All the time was good, but when the shadow came in the third set, was very tough. Very, very difficult to see the ball. A lot of distraction.


Q. Was it difficult playing early?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I played one day night, one day night, one day night, next day, day. For me doesn’t matter. Happy for everything.