Jan 26 press roundup

Slice backhand (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Slice backhand (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Sure, most of the talk today was about Verdasco’s brilliant win over Murray, but a few people were talking about Rafa.

Rafael Nadal vs. the Field: Who Can Take Down the Raging Bull?

Rafael Nadal has been an unstoppable vanguard through the first four rounds of the Australian Open—his stats are unfathomable, and his drive is unchallenged.

Nadal storms into Australian Open quarterfinals

This is almost getting scary.

‘Monster’ Nadal on a revenge tip

Spain’s Rafa Nadal is a monster on court but the softest-spoken of gentlemen off it. As mild-mannered as he is, he could be forgiven if he has Australian Open revenge on his mind ahead of Monday’s fourth round clash against Fernando Gonzalez.

Rafael Nadal backs chat

Nadal supports moves to allow coaches to give instructions from the sidelines. But the Spaniard is not a fan of coaches walking on court at the end of sets to brief players, as happens on the WTA Tour.

Is This Nadal’s “Wardrobe Malfunction?”

“This is a very good move for both Nike and Nadal,” said Erwin Ong, author of the tennis fashion blog Tennis Served Fresh. “It’s time for Nadal to shift his image anyway from the really loud, young strong guy to a more mature position. And for Nike, it’s not like they’re giving up the sleeveless look forever. They’ll still have Monfils, Del Potro and Moya to sport that.”